Notebook Asus G750JX, 3D vision kit 2 and Monitor Asus VG248QE

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    Hello community

    I´m sorry if this isn´t the wright section to ask tremendous help, but i´m desperate...and i have some questions.

    I recently bought a new Asus VG248QE monitor, and I had to buy the 3D vision kit, or I can't see in 3D. I have a Asus G750JX connected via mini displayport to normal displayport.

    When I run "kodi player" for example, and try to see a 3D Movie, the program doesn't recognise the monitor as a 3D one, so Nvidia kit don't launch, and I have no 3D. Only in my 3DTV works.
    I tried to do it manually, but doesn't have any effect on the monitor.
    I'm I missing some plug in, or add on, or Kodi settings to change?

    Besides this, i only heard about, stereoscopic player or 3D vision player, but i can´t put 3D subs on this ones, the instructions is to putting them with ffdshow, but or appears in one eye, and not the other, and if i pass them in 3Dsubtitler, they appear in both sides, separated from each other, are there other players that make the monitor detect that is a 3D Movie and accept 3D subs?

    Regarding games, in some i also experience some bumps, even with all settings in minimum requirements, for example batman arkham origins, i don´t know why, because if i play in a 3DTV, i only have an endless loading, from level to level (20 minutes). I experience some crashes to, windows errors, and reboots made automatically i don´t know why.

    Thank you my friends in advance for your kind help if possible

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