normal temps for phenom II 955 with artic silver re-applied ?

Discussion in 'Processors and motherboards AMD' started by Vize, Apr 25, 2010.

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    Future CPU Temp question?

    I was thinking about my CPU compared to others. I have seen temps that seem outlandish compared to mine like 27c idle. 27c idle with ambient temps close to mine and that same cooler? On the other hand the temps I have seen in forums are very low on idle, but on the load side some are like 65c and some are 55c?

    The big question I have is let say back in the day with the first production of CPUs began large swings in temps were the norm. Idle would be in the high 20c and then load would sky rocket to 60+c?

    Then as AMD moved along they thought that large swings in temps put more stress on the CPU. Going hot then cooling with almost a 40c degree drop can't be good on any material for long. So, in theory, they tweak the process and come up with a mid line temp of 10c - 15c swing from idle to load.

    My point is, my cpu is 42c idle and from what I have seen (so far) running crysis 2, Witcher 2, Left for dead 2, the recorded temps in the graph on SpeedFan show it has not broke the 50 mark? Something to think about?
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    That could be the case? I have a Chip from the first or second Batch, I got it before they even released the AM3 Socket because I knew I would spend on something else trying to wait for AM3.

    Anyway, my Idle is higher now currently 27c. When I first got the CPU it was Idling 23-25c.

    But, my Load Temp never touches 50c, much less 65c, and rarely will get to 45c. I average 42-44c playing Games, and have seen 46c with a dirty Cooler (Cat hair and dust) and Prime95. So, I have never had much bigger than a 20c difference.

    If you look in that thread I posted from 2 years ago you can see my Screen Shot of Prime95 and HWMonitor about halfway down the first page. Min Temp was 23.9c and Max Temp was 43c, while the current Temp was 41.5c at 27 Hours and 32 Minutes into Prime95.

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