Nokia 7 Plus charger port issues

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    Model TA 1046 apparently is plagued with charger port problems, a lot of people reported that after a few months the port started to act weird, constantly disconnecting and not charge the battery. And after many days of online research, more Nokia models reported to have the same issues.
    Well, happened to my phone, so I have a direct experience and will say something about it.
    First and foremost, in order to change the charging port, you have to pry open the entire screen, hot glued to the main frame.
    And there is a big chance that you will ruin it, and it will cost you something around 75€ . The charging port comes with its own daughter board ( small) and its design couldn't be more deliberately prone to broke/damage.
    Very thin PCB, and solder joints are barely enough to make decent contact, and almost impossible to resolder or reinforce in some way. And yes, the solder joints are hidden beneath a plastic shield, no soldering iron tip will get there without damaging the whole thing.
    So, my trust in Nokia brand is gone, the HMD Global just wanted to cash in the glory but without giving or making efforts for sustain the brand's name and quality.
    You may say that I am too quickly to judge, and after seeing one smartphone, right?
    Well, took my time to research and anyone can Google. Just wanted to say that sadly there are almost no fair smartphone manufacturers.

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