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Discussion in 'Consoles & console games' started by willvx, Feb 10, 2008.

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    Anyone else playing No More Heroes right now? I'm loving it and just can't get enough of the game. Yeah it has some major design flaws, but these are EASILY overlooked IMHO. Yeah it has style over substance, but not by a HUGE degree. It also has very primitive graphics even by Wii standards, collision issues, horrible one-track driving music, weird bugs here and there, it can get real tedious and repetitive in some regards, and in spite of all of this you can't help but love this game.

    That's what's cool about this can put a little into it or a lot and it's still fun. Even the fighting can be complex or simple...your choice and it all works out the same.

    It's a real casual, easy to get into game. The kind of game I'm going for more these days. Anyone else feeling the same? I'm sure some folks still love the intricate hardcore and aren't too keen on casual gaming. However, I feel more and more games will go this route.

    Anyways, I just wanted to share that this game rocks with it's cock out...literally. That's in reference to charging your beam katana and saving your game I guess too...hehe.

    What else? Great boss battles that make sense in regards to patterns and fun side missions and jobs to raise money.

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    I really wanted it, unfortunately import won't work.
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    Hum I might buy it soon but I'm so addicted to Burnout Paradise right now.. What's more fun than having 8 players crash into mid air or try to land 2-3 barrel rolls on one jump?

    A D D I C T I N G ...

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