No more cracked games in two years ?

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Jan 7, 2016.

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    It is kind of a good warning, but Chinese cracking forum 3DM is warning that given the current state of anti-piracy technology, in two years there might be no more pirate games to play. ...

    No more cracked games in two years ?
  2. Aura89

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    I can only wish this to actually be true, but i doubt it, people will always find a way
  3. pbvider

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    Good games don`t need Denuvo.
  4. (.)(.)

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    This is bad.

    Half the time it takes cracks just to get my legit games to work when devs go and screw things up with a patch or stop supporting older titles.

    That and when i purchase a single player game, if its in all working order, the first thing i do is install a crack to remove steam from the picture.

    Why should i have to start up a thirdparty app to play a single player game?

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    This is good. If PC turns out to be a non piracy platform like PS4 and XOne, then devs will start developing exclusive titles for us once again. It will be like the old days.
  6. Well this could work for us or against us.
    More money for companies more PC exclusives like the old days.
    Companies "Hogs" get richer then become lazy = watered down drivel.:wanker:
  7. pbvider

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    Or the devs will hide their lazy work/crappy games behind Denuvo....
  8. NAMEk

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    I've heard it already numerous times before...Like one guy said here:
    Neither any other protection.
  9. Kaarme

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    We aren't living the CD/DVD copy protection days anymore. Thus new games don't show the kind of ridiculous problems those old titles did. You don't need new cracks for ancient games, do you? Of course there are exceptions, like games that don't suffer a single second offline, but those companies got the bad rep they deserved.

    Platforms like Steam allow games to be kept updated automatically (since games are these days always released with a healthy supply of bugs), plus it allows studios to easily make money with DLCs. Dunno about you, but I'd rather limit the amount of sites I send money to, for security reasons. Your i7 isn't so weak it couldn't run Steam in the background when you are playing a game. You accept it when you play an MP game with your buddies, but it suddenly becomes a problem when you play SP?
  10. This could have a lot of perspectives.

    Lets start with the good ones.
    Pirate rate gets lower, and supposely there is more people buying the game.
    Devs starts to deliver more attention to PC ports.

    So what can be wrong?
    Well, to start off, profissional reviewers most of the time as well as youtubers give their opinion which can be different than yours, and you may end not liking the game.
    Something that with piracy could be fixed trying out the game and buy later.
    In the 90's we had demos for everygame, now we don't have almost any demo.

    Second thing..
    Games could get more expensive since devs don't need to persuade anyone to buy since they know that there isn't any workaround for it for playing it

    There will be much less information on youtube on the launch.
    I say that because i am honest with all and i do download games on launch to perform a benchmark with my 2 systems, i upload it to youtube with the performance metric that i got with a nice excel graphic showing the framerate as well and show a little bit of gameplay.
    After deliviring the video to youtube ... i erase the game and buy the game if i like it or when i think that i have money to spent, and then i complete the game.

    So my channel is nothing special, but it delivers information on something, there are a lot of people doing the same with not legit games, so a lot of information would not be available.
    We could still have benchmark websites like guru3D, but we still would had an hard time to figure out if a less capable and old CPU would be nice to run X game for example.

    But in the end i believe that with this Denuvo thing will get harder and harder.
    Despite there is a lot of releases available like mad max or metal gear that were cracked on weeks, most of them don't have the latest updates, and they took their time to release.
    Lord of the fallen took half of year to get released because of the denuvo.

    I am not sure what i am about to say, but crack teams do get any type of money to release a crack?
    I'm asking cause if things are getting this difficult, i don't see crack teams laying around for weeks and months trying to crack something at no charge.
    Sure there are crazy people that does it for the challenge, but with DENUVO, day 1 cracks have been irradicated from Earth, and devs only need to release an update to make the crack times going through all again.

    And besides all good things and bad things, i would like to see if devs really would give us more attention if piracy would get near to impossible in AAA games.
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  11. KissSh0t

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    3DM are only one group..

    There will always be some other clever person tinkering with code.
  12. Yep 3DM its only one group, but it is the only group that until today had cracked Denuvo in all games.
    All releases on web is mostly a different release but with a 3DM based crack.

    There aren't more teams working to crack this.
    More teams could appear, sure, but this seems much more different than the ancient DRM from Ubisoft years ago.
  13. (.)(.)

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    What are you on about?
    Theres are a reason GOG exists, they provide a service for restoring older game to work on new platforms. All without drm.

    And i dont care if the company gets a bad rep for their poor choice of drm. I still want to be able to play my old games.

    As for CD\DVD protection days, no dvds were merely that, no-dvd cracks. Now we have cracks that are required to be able to play a game without being pestered by pointless patches.

    Thats the issue i have with steam and auto updates.
    The amount of times games i play end up broken because some half arse update gets pushed through..

    Off the top of my head...
    I remember when R* kept braking MSAA. When i purchased FFVII on steam, set auto updates to off, installed a bunch of mods, then square goes and forces an update that completely ignored the steam update setting and completely broke my playthrough.

    Patches that get pushed through that seem to do nothing but update a mp aspect of the game of which i have no desire to play.

    The most recent example is of konami putting out a patch that nerfed single player gathered resources to force people to focus on online and mirotransactions.
  14. Hadesgate

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    If games cannot be cracked anymore in a few years, i want to have full 100% working 1 week of trial period to see if the game is even worth paying money for. (lots of games are not)
  15. wantobe

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    I am sure that those who are looking for nothing but competition will come up with something :)

  16. kanej2007

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    Or at least a playable demo as they used to release many years ago...

    Sad why they no longer exist. As you mentioned, a demo is more than good enough for us to figure out if we want to buy the game or not...
  17. __hollywood|meo

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    copy&pasting from my post @[H] out of laziness here: yeah right. feel free to quote me on this - thats a load of ****. reading the context of the post, hes implying that drm will get so complex that the pirate groups window of opportunity for their work to become popularized, ie, within the first few months of a games release, might be missed. that would only happen if these guys remain complacent.

    failure to acknowledge the simple fact that cracking groups could easily expand or even band together to defeat higher orders of complexity in drm makes me question this guys motives, in fact

    3DM might as well be one guy, they have one good cracker :infinity:
  18. BlueRay

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    We've heard this again in past. Maybe in future there will be games so well protected that won't worth the try for crackers to crack. Or you can go the way CD Projekt went. Leave your game unprotected without any paid DLC and still get profit. For example I bought Dragon Age Inquisition when it was launched for 50 euros. The game was incomplete and full bugs and issues. It took almost a year of patches to make it finally stable. Then they released 3 DLCs which added just few hours each and cost 15 Euros each. The final DLC continued the main scenario and gave the finale to the game. So yeah my frustration with this was big. You had to buy that one DLC to see the actual ending of the game. Games like this deserve to be cracked and lose profits just to show the companies they are doing it wrong. Companies like CD Projekt need to be supported to show the rest that you can make profit by leaving your game totally unprotected. It's up on us to do this. And I believe the whole DRM thing adds only extra costs to the game and indirectly hurting the actual buyer in the end.
  19. FordLynx07

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    People created Denuvo. Someday, people will crack and destroy Denuvo. Its the way of life. We always destroy our creation.
  20. Hughesy

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    People can give all the reasons under the sun why this is bad, but it isn't. A lot of devs don't see the point putting much effort into the PC version due to high piracy rate. Yes there's devs like CD Projekt Red who trust people, but people aren't trustworthy. DRM wouldn't be a thing if people didn't pirate games in the first place.

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