no FAN tab on rivatuner 2.2.4 for GeForce 9800GT???

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    GeForce 9800GT 1Gb

    when I click on System setting, I cannot see the FAN tab where is should be?
    Is it because my driver version is 197.45?

    EDIT: I am asking this because i have to adjust the fan speed because i have stock cooler on 9800gt and when i turn furmark on to stress it it goes to 100C in half a minute or so... its idle temp is 56-57C according to rivatuner :D
    EDIT2: we have underground heating for the house, so the floor is very warm all the time and my case is on the floor, does that matter for the temp too? could the floor heat the case too? :p
    Thank You in advance!
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