no 3d vision kit , but have laptop g74SX-3d

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    Greeting to all from India !
    i have my Asus G74SX-3D laptop with built-in nvidia 3d vision kit and i have nvidia 3d vision glasses which came with it , to watch video/movies [i am not a Gamer!] using the powerdvd 12 works fine - so far so good !

    now my issue - the laptop monitor is 17 incher only - i want to watch on 27 inch monitor , a search on the net let me to know about this monitor - Benq XL2720 which is advertised as 3d vision ready [not sure if it's for v1 or v2] , which got me excited about it.

    The Benq XL2720 gets into 3d mode with DVI-D / DP connection only , i have hdmi out only on my g74SX laptop

    Now my question , if i connect the my laptop to the benq monitor using the hdmi to dvi cable , Can i route the video output to XL2720 while still using the IR sensor of the G74SX-3D laptop to watch 3D on Benq - is it possible or do i have to buy a standalone 3D vision kit with IR sensor ?

    Somebody plz help !

    Regards from India
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