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    x800 pro 535 / 1160 + fat1lity

    The first time i oced my p4 to 3.3 ghz (220 fsb 1:1 with ram). When i clocked higher, my system gave reboots and errors. But i think this is becoz my ram couldnt handle it. There wasnt any options in the bios to change the 1:1 or the multiplier. So i changed the ram freq to 320 mhz...
    So i rebooted and now i got this oc:


    But look at the vcore! 1.6v and higher?!?! my first reaction was like OmMmG.

    So is this safe? The temps are fine i guess...

    So now its not at 1:1 but at 5:4. Is this better or worse? cuz my ram is now a lilbit underclocked (see pic)

    any thoughts?

    should i change it back to 1:1 or is 5:4 faster and better?
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