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  1. nabilfathi . wordpress . com

    remove spaces between dots.

    Guys, did you try it?
    We just install it, reboot, and continue to use the computer. No extra control panel options. It all happens at the driver/kernel level.

    Nabil needs more feedback from more systems. Please read all there is to read on his website and I also advise reading the comments.
    If i understand the tool correctly, it optimizes the gpu driver/kernel.

    By reading the comments, users seam to be looking for more fps or differences between v-sync on / off and Nabil is almost done explaining that it has nothing to with v-sync.

    He needs feedback from general usage, video encoding, normal gaming, NOT benchmarks or v-sync on/off comparisons.

    EDIT: This tool unfortunately does nothing. Page is now private... In house experts have spoken.

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  2. gassenn

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    link isnt working
  3. dammit.. can't post links ? fixed
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    I had a quick read and download the program , but i will wait to install and see what other people make of it first, is it really beneficial , is there any chance of damaging your GPUs .

    Anyway i will keep my eye on this thread and see what the future brings before i start to mess will things i don't fully understand:):) .

    Thanks for bring this to our attention:):):pc1: ......

  5. dr_rus

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    I wouldn't install this as it's a fake at best and a trojan at worst. His description of "fixed issues" is fking hilarious.
  6. norton

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    i read that too he is talking about fixing the famous GTX 970 Memory problem at software level this is totally fake
  7. Dragondale13

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    It's gotten some positive feedback from some users over at Asus forums.I'll give it a go later.Test performance with it and after removing it to make sure it didn't break anything.
  8. dreamss

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    this is the guy who got shutdown by nvidia a while ago LOL his blog was gamenab

    he made a tool to open dsr for gsync and made other stuff
  9. Sergio

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  10. dreamss

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  11. c'mon :puke2: ... it doesn't always have to be fake or scam or trojan. Like said above he made g-sync work without actual g-sync hardware.
  12. dreamss

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  13. nhlkoho

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    The changelog for version 3 sounds very suspicious.

    Maybe this is the same guy that claimed to unlock "sharders" on his GPU years ago via software.
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  14. norton

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    i never heard about him do you have any link to this article
  15. EdKiefer

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  16. dreamss

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    i left a comment asking about his 970 fixes, hopefully he will reply to it

    heres the full changes on nvidia gpu

    Setup type:

    Selected components:
    Delay VBlank Policy
    VRR Vblank Extension
    DPU VRR Function
    Synchronization Polarity
    Power Saving Horizontal Synchronization
    Gsync Timing Optimization
    L2 Max (Sysmem)
    Enable ModsMode (Beta/Dev use)
    Reset Engine/Shaders
    Pull Down Data after Clean Frame Buffer From L2
    Enable ECC for Streaming MultiProcessor aka SM
    Enable Segment Preservation (mem)
    Use System Memory for Non-Migratable Segment
    Disabling Non Migratable Segment off
    WDDM 2.0 will reserve a Virtual Address for NvFBC
    WDDM 2.0 will invalidate PDE for Virtual Address
    WDDM 2.0 Full Support to SLI Mode
    WDDM 2.0 Disable Render of the Graphic Device Interface/GDI (off)
    WDDM 2.0 Force Invalidate All CPU Cache (off)
    WDDM 2.0 use 64KB pages/warp (on)
    WDDM 2.0 Enabling Graphic Device Interface for Boardcast (on)
    WDDM 2.0 Enabling SLI Mode/Link Mirrored (on, experiment)
    WDDM 2.0 Enable Dual Page Table Entry (on, experiment)
    WDDM 2.0 Slow Paging (off)
    WDDM 2.0 Transfer Virtualization, mostly CUDA (on, experiment)
    WDDM 2.0 Disable Basic Prime For Virtual Address (on)
    WDDM 2.0 Disable SLI Virtual Channels (off)
    WDDM 2.0 Full Fermi Support
    WDDM 2.0 User Metadata For Promo (You don't need that)
    WDDM 2.0 Reset Engine For Page Fault (on)
    WDDM 2.0 reserve address for Distance/KM (on)
    Disable KM Render Boost Distance (off)
    Disable KM Render Stage Distance (off, we should)
    Disable KM Render Distance (off, again we should)
    Enable Distance Render to Max (on)
    HDMI 2.0 False Emulation
    Overclocking Possible for All P-States
    Disable possibility of Overclocking P States (off)
    Force Locked Clock Mode (off, why need that?)
    Enable Overclocking (on)
    PCI Express Link Speed (3.0)
    Enable Max Performance (offcourse)
    Maximize Page Table Entry (on)
    Enable Memory for Tiled Process (on)
    Tiled Process
    Use Uncached PCI Mappings (Avoid cached conflict)
    Enable Support Virtual Machine Manager
    Enable GPU Cache (on)
    Disable Async P States (off)
    Enable Hybrid use Integrate/Discrete GPU for UI(boost UI animatin/drawing)
    Enable Core Voltage
    No ECC Fuse Check (on, experiment)
    Enable Computing Reset(on)
    Disable Asynchronization for Memory Scrubing
    Enable P0 State Max Frequency
    DirectX 12 Full Hybrid Support
    DirectX12 Full Optimus Support
    SLI Hybrid Performance(on)
    Hybrid mode
    Disable Cuda Context
    Gsync Ready to Swap (frame use, on)
    Full 4GB access for GTX 970 and co
    No 4GB Limit (you can also shared mem)
    WDDM 2.0 Present Notify (you don't need that)
    Enable Compute Async
    Enable Clock Slowdown (off, this is stupid)
    Clock Slowdown Algor/Extension (disable, same)
    Enable X GPU Support
    Allow GPU Pass Through (on, mostly for Virtualization)
    Max Utilization of the Cuda Cores
    Enable Surround for Mobile Platform
    Force Variable Refresh for Tearing
    Variable Refresh Always Active
    Force Edid Vrr Block (off)
    Enable Variable Refresh Frame Smoothing(on)
    Enable Variable Refresh One Shot(on)
    Enable Variable Refresh Filter (on)
    Enable Variable Refresh Extended Scanning(on)
    Variable Refresh Low Frequency (on)
    Directory Services Restore Mode Call (on, strong access)
    Enable DSR for Mobile GPU
    On Demande Vblank (mostly for Vblank Synchronization)
    Panel Self Refresh mode for eDP Panel
    Early Monitor Sync
    Enable Vblank use
    Disable Agressive Vblank (off)
    DXGI SwapChain Desc(Buffer)
    DXGI Output Desc (Buffer)
    DXGI Factory
    DXGI Factory1
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  17. LocoDiceGR

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    nice try son!
  18. nhlkoho

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  19. Super1

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    is it legit ?
  20. Venomsword

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    Smells like innovative backdoor bitcoin miner...
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