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    Ok I've tried the Geforce Tweak utility. Now I'm trying the RivaTuner, which looks great, but I have no clue how to get the settings to work after reboot. i've set the option run at startup and enabled ALIAGP in the registry, but no luck. Could someone tell me step by step how to make sure I'm saving my options correctly, especially when i'm in the power user/registry tab.

    Atlon XP 2600+
    Shuttle Ak39N MB
    Xtasy GF MX440 64MB
    SB Live Value
    21" IBM monitor
    30.82 drivers
    Ok more questions. I'm using 3dMark2001se, and I got it to work once with the Rivatuner minized on the start bar. But only once can not get to work again, got it up to about 80 FPS. Like I said though only once now running normal about 40 FPS. I've tripled and doubled checked everything I can think of everything has been saved and checked as run at startup.
    I was using GF tweak utility and got frames up to about 116 FPS, but had some graphic glitches in one game. Also it put my system at the lowest display settings possable last time 4bit color depth and had to do a restore to get out of it. So I really don't want to use that again.
    I like RivaTuner because it seems stable when I can get it to work, and I'd be happy with 80 FPS. So PLEASE any help would be very much appreciated.
    Thanks again,
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