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    Hey Gurus!

    I've been using a 40"/100cm 4K TV as a monitor for a few years now, but I'm starting to notice the colours becoming a bit washed out and the backlight being a bit variable in strength across the screen making it tiring to read, so it's time for a change!

    I use this a lot for producvitity (word processing/reasearch mostly) due to WFH and gaming, so size is important. I'm cosidering the following, but unsure of benefits, etc...
    1) I'd like to stick with 4K, though would consider 1440p if absolutely necessary
    2) I'd like something bigger than 30".
    3) Curved???
    4) Freesynch???
    5) Not break the bank.

    Any thoughts/experiences with 3/4? Not something I know much about and I'm a bit out of the loop with monitor tech.


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    Ok here are some channels to watch. Hardware unboxed and we pc for starters. The only 4k screen I would consider right now is the LG950 but its £750. My other choices are the LG850 (27 ips), the Gigabyte G34w inch (VA), the Dell Dg 271W (ips 27) and prob my other fav the samsung G7 which is a 27inch VA.

    4k decent screen you are looking at £750-1000 otherwise you can get the 27inchers and the gigabyte 34 from £350 to £650. The DELL and lg 850 are pretty good bang for the buck but they are a year old.

    New screens coming soon because of HDMI 2.1. There's an acer and a viewsonic out soon...

    p.s so if over 30 the gigabyte only one have considered so far but not its 4k (but at £400 its a bargain). Or theres is a G7 32inch but I heard pixel density less as its not 4k. Ideally over 30inch you are right you want 4k but thats def a step up in price so cant help you there as havent looked into this segment much.

    oh and over 30inch I dont think have seen many non curved screens...
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