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    gtx 1060 6gb
    Hey guys I need your help. I'm planning on upgrading my CPU in the coming weeks so i need help.
    I'm on i5 6500 ocd to 4.4-4.7 (when needed) I flashed the bios and it's been working nicely for 3.5 years.
    Got only 8gb of ram and thought of adding 8 more, but now i'm thinking on switching to ryzen and 16gb.
    Had no significant problems in performance in games most keep 60fps locked with msi gaming x 1060 6gb(except for metro,ShadowOTR,RDR2 worked flawlessly without a chug(high/ultra 30+fps) which is crazy seeing how outer worlds or gridfall hapen to stutter at times).Division 2 was at times unplayable low high or ultra, or easily does 60+ high depending on the patch i guess. When i play warzone or div 2 people cant hear my audio at times and cpu maxes out so i guess its time to move on,in BFV its just enough for 60 fps locked ultra. I know its a bad time to buy now because of ryzen 4 coming soon and 3 refresh but i' thinking if i wait more i will not be able to sell my stuff for enough money to buy even a cooler for the new rig. I intend to keep the 1060 for a year more to see what new consoles bring and then drop 300-400e on a gpu. Im thinking going:
    ryzen 2700 140 euro + lc cc 120 to go to 4.1 ghz
    ryzen 3600 170+ euro with the same cooler for some oc
    ryzen 2600 110 euro(brother has it with same 1060 and 16gb ram cant reach my max fps but even though fps counter is 53 for example in division 2 its smooth and you couldn't tell. On my i5 anything bellow 60 is noticeable on any game.)
    I know 3600 should be the best but 2700 is maybe -10% performance but its cheaper and might be more futureproof. Looking at videos 2700 starts to bottleneck only a 2080ti which should be good news for my next card which probably won't be that powerful(3060 or 6700xt). Im not wiling to go 3300x because i feel that will be obsolete soon even tho its hyped now. Friends' experience with 6700k is what i go off of with that reasoning.
    So the question is do i go with 2600 as a cheap option knowing ill upgrade sooner than later. Or with 3600 which is the king now, or gamble with 2700 which is absolute bang for the buck out of the bunch and maybe hit a jackpot if next gen gets multithreaded . I game at 60fps locked, and eying a 1440p 32 inch monitor for a while now. My objective is smooth 60 fps, without having to touch the cpu for lets say 4 years. Even if next gen rises cpu usage to 6c/12t as a norm it is still good to have extra cores to avoid my curent problem right? My 4 i5 cores are faster but r5 2600 gives better stable gaming experience, that might be the case with 3600/2700 later on? I used to have c2d 6550 and phenom II x3 720. c2d was faster on launch but ph II had 3 cores so it held on longer(c2d barely played dark souls 2 and phenom did it on max). Is there a point of trying to stay ahead of the curve? Thanks if someone reads this im curious about your experience/knowledge/ predictions. Regards.
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    Vega 64 XTX LiQuiD
    If You can save up some more and go for more future proof 3700X (or 3800XT should be released 7.7.20).
    Better idea IMhO.

    If can't, go for 2700 or 3600, 3600 will be better for gaming (and FLCK at 1866-1900 with good RAM makes perfect choice for games).

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