New PNY NVMe w/ terrible write speeds...

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    Hello everyone,

    I have recently built a new machine and I am using:
    M.2 NVMe PNY XLR8 CS3030 250GB (PN: M280CS3030-250-RB)
    >Max Sequential Read Speed 3,500 MB/s
    >Max Sequential Write Speed 1,050 MB/s
    Motherboard Aorus B360M Gaming 3
    Windows 10 v.1909

    As you can see by the benchmarks below, my write speeds are really bad and random. I say random because I tested it right after a fresh OS install/drivers with the "disk almost empty" and it came out bad... I thought it was drivers or some configuration in the BIOS, restarted, retested and it came out OK.
    I never checked again until now, with the "disk almost full" and the bad results returned...

    There is nothing going on in the background as far as I know during the benchmarks, the MB recognizes it fine in the BIOS, there's no HDD's installed/SATA configuration, and I have the most recent MB/Chipset drivers w/ a fresh Windows install. Also wanna note that PNY doesn't has any driver for it as Samsung or other brands have for example, so it uses Windows default/basic driver as I understand.

    Have anyone experienced something similar? I am trying to figure out if this is hardware related like MB or the disk itself to think about RMA... or hopefully just software/drivers...

    Here is my results good/bad
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    Things you can try

    Disable Bitlocker,it has an impact on your ssd/nvm performance.

    Benchmark results about Bitlock performance:

    "So, according to the comparison above, we can find that using BitLocker encryption has little influence on the reading rate while the writing rate has an obvious difference"

    "From the data in Test 1, we can see that BitLocker encryption has 50% - 62% loss impact on writing performance in desktop computer. However, as to read performance, the BitLocker encryption impact can be ignored."

    Disable Hibernation
    Use high performance power plan
    Turn off System Restore
    Turn off Windows Indexing
    Set your pagefile to System managed
    Enable Write Caching
    Disable DIsk Defragmenter
    Make sure you run in AHCI mode

    You can also try disabling Superfetch,think its called Sysmain now. But i dont have this disabled myself so im not sure if this can help any for you. Cant hurt to try i guess.

    Confirm TRIM is running by using this command in CMD without the quotes "fsutil behavior query DisableDeleteNotify"

    0 means TRIM is enabled.

    Also,i usually dont use these tools myself. But since you have issues finding a driver for your Nvm controller,try downloading some "approved" tool that will check for outdated drivers. Maybe it will find an updated driver for your Nvm controller. If all of the above did not help you,try this as last resort.

    Try to reseat your Nvm controller completely. Take it out and put it back in properly,but gently.

    This is the driver version i have on my Nvm controller.

    These are my speeds on Crystal with an 970 evo plus Nvme m.2 500gb
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    I love how you ask for help only after bad mouthing them, but never give your hardware info!!!!Or fill out the Rig profile for your Avatar................

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