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Discussion in 'MSI AfterBurner Application Development Forum' started by Prozein, Oct 19, 2020.

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    RTX 2080
    Hey guys wanted to test msi ab version 4.6.3 beta 2 and the new oc scanner after the initial oc scan i cant revert the changes back to defaults the revert feature dosnt work for me and the oc applies on start.I dont know if uninstalling the driver would help cuz its now driver based oc after the update.Any help would be nice. Using rtx 2080.
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    OC Scanner really seems broken at the moment for me as well; I keep hitting error 22h when first initiating a scan, even though it clearly started the scanning process in the background judging by the clocks going up and down. For some reason the scan button now works, and I have to start the scan again in order to stop it so it can be started clean.

    This process doesn't always work and scanning won't stop sometimes, requiring a PC reboot. And when it's finally working it can't seem to achieve the same stable clocks that were possible on 446.16 OC Scanner. Furthermore, the OC is considered unstable, too.

    Tried with old OC Scan API but it's still slower and the scan takes 30 minutes on top of that.
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    Address that to NV, I'm not developer of new OC scanner API. And keep in mind that new 3xxx series cards are the primary target platform for new OC Scanner API from NV side, so previous generation hardware owners get it as a bonus and should stick to old legacy scanner instead in case of seeing any problems.
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    You keep hitting the start scan and it eventually starts. The first time, yeah, it like hung, so I rebooted. After that it worked. However, the new scan extremely bad compared to the old scan.

    The old scan, the curve would boost to over 2 GHz on my RTX 2070. With the new scan It's like 1950 MHz and only 200 MHz on the VRAM.

    With older scan results going over 2 GHz, I could overclock the VRAM +1200 MHz.

    Since the scan is more integrated into the drivers, I think nVidia made it way more conservative. I would imagine they implemented some artificial cap on the VRAM overclocking by the tool. My VRAM only artifacts at +1400 MHz... I run it at +1200 MHz, and the new scanner says only +200 MHz...

    Something fishy with the new scanner.

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