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    Hello all.

    i used to be a amd user for life until my 4 month old amd card broke down and they wouldn't honor the warranty.

    since then i picked up a gtx 970 and all has been well:D

    just have 2 questions tho

    -with my old amd card. it was recommended that i dont install new drivers over old ones, so i used DDU to fully remove previous drivers b4 updating.

    is that still recommended or is there no issue with not doing it with nvidia cards

    -another question i had is how long does a game have to be out b4 there are drivers for it with nvidia?

    are there normally game ready drivers prior to release of all major games or just some. im used to having to wait on arvg a month or more for optimized drivers from amd so curious

    anyway thank you for your time and hope these are answered soon. have a good 1
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    In my experience you only need to use DDU if your having issues with a current driver. Otherwise just telling Nvidia install to do a clean install seems sufficient enough.

    Many of the major releases have a game ready driver out on or before actual game release but it does vary. Sometimes you'll have an older driver that plays that new game better than the game ready driver but overall staying up to date is the best option. Normally you wait less than a month for a new driver set to be unleashed.
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    Most of the time I just install over the previous driver, if something goes wrong then I'd use DDU.

    Nvidia are usually very quick with their drivers, most major releases will have a driver on/close to day one, most I've waited for a major release has probably been two weeks.

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