New NVIDIA Shield Being Worked On? Two new Codenames spotted

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Apr 4, 2019.

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    I'm guessing Nvidia kinda just gave up on the newer Tegras because the Android market for them is pretty much dead. Nobody needs that much power to play Android games. Meanwhile, Nintendo, the automotive industry, and the Jetson series have all been much more lucrative markets for Nvidia, so it makes sense why they're a higher priority. In each of those markets, Nvidia has pretty much no competition (yes, I know there are other console makers, but Nintendo has a lot more in-demand exclusives). It's only been very recent when Tesla announced their own processor to replace Nvidia's platform, but, Nvidia still has plenty of other customers.
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    Only thing I'd want out of a new Shield Console would be AV1 decoding and Dolby Vision support. I don't really feel like it needs more power - if I wanted to play full games on it I'd just stream them over my network and most Android games don't require the GPU power that's in it now anyway.
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    Bear in mind, this is the exact same chip as in the original Shield if that model number is correct. The chip in the new Switch Lite and newly manufactured OG switches is the T214 (which is just a die shrink with a slight clock bump), not the T210. The change in revision is probably just a switch in who is fabbing the chip, or a minor change to improve efficiency in manufacturing. Neither chip has any new capabilities vs the original in any case.

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