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Discussion in 'Computer Monitor Forum' started by Mraz, Dec 5, 2020.

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    Hi all,

    I am looking to buy a new monitor. It will be used primarily for gaming and web browsing.

    I would need a recommendation asap, as I am looking to order one preferably tonight or tomorrow latest.

    I am looking preferably for ultra wide 1440p screen with 144 hz refresh rate.

    Place of purchase would be from and my budget limit would be maximum around 500-600 euro.

    I would love if the screen would have g-sync or freesync.

    Thank you all!
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    Well, you can get some entry-level WQHD 144Hz monitors, but many have issues with flickering when using freesync, at least on Nvidia GPUs.
    You are better off with older 100-120Hz G-sync models or will have to pay few hundreds euro more for a decent 1440 monitor.
    I tested 34" WQHD 144Hz monitors from Gigabyte, Iiyama, MSI in 600 euro range and all of them had the same flickering issue using Nvidia gpus.
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    LG's 950 is ultra-wide I believe (3440x1440 I think is how that works here for 21:9 otherwise it'd be 2560x1080 as I recall.) really impressed by the 850 for it's price and specs but it's not without some downsides Nano IPS has a bit of glow as per IPS drawbacks plus if it's like the 850 the panel while I think the 950's native 10-bit not 8+2 dithering/FRC could have a slightly worse than average black level total.

    Not sure if it's HDR but if it is rather than just carrying the signal it might not be any of the actually good HDR computer displays with the full feature set and ratings for the better standards here.
    Also utilizing DCI-P3 with support for SRGB so the calibration and resulting color and saturation is a bit different.

    Ah but on looking up a review compared to the 16:9 950 model LG made this more expensive but it lacks a few features so that might be a very important factor.

    I like using this for display reviews along with TFT Reviews or how it's called for a initial overview and then finding something of interest also going into user feedback and opinions plus the pricing and all that too.

    Also for these the software bit LG's using I wouldn't recommend at all but doing the one-time hopefully no more firmware update is recommended and needs that software.
    (Takes a really long time but once it's done it's hopefully done with entirely.)

    Full list of reviews would be this:

    Blur Busters could also be helpful for recommendations around G or Free Sync or VRR plus techniques to reduce motion blur and such features.

    Samsung Odyssey G7 also got a lot of good feedback though it had some initial firmware issues but I think most of that's sorted now. :)

    Could be a bit more expensive though that could place it outside of the budget.
    (EDIT: Yeah around a 100$ more from what I checked so around 699$ for the G7 as the MSRP and then a bit more still for the bigger panel variant at 749$ )
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