New Inno3D 1080 X3 fan problem

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    Hey guys

    The problem is with FAN control (RPM) If fan is on AUTO and i play games or run benchmark, the RPM is LOW and temperature rises 80c+ in a few minutes.
    If i set FAN on 100% in desktop RPM is around 1500-1550 (desktop) and temp is going down. You can hear the fan noise. But when i go back in game the RPM drops again an no more fan noise.
    Fan RPM or fan control is working as it should be in 2D (desktop) but not in 3D (games, benchmark) after going in 3D fan control is not working and RPM is on low all the time...
    Where is the problem? I tried different drivers, clean WIN installation, different inno BIOS...

    Here you can see the problem (check mouse pointer)...

    I tried to contact INNO3D but no answer o_O:rolleyes::rolleyes:
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    Try MSI AB.

    You can set a custom fan curve if need be.

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