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Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by biosylum, Jun 10, 2003.

  1. biosylum

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    I think there should be a new category, perhaps in the general hardware area, that is specifically for 3D glasses. I know there are not many people who are really into these things for long, but there are some die hards. I think this is a great forum for such a place, but without a specific area for these posts, they just get lost in the shuffle. Yes, it is easy enough to do a search, but how hard could it be to set up a a special area for this. I have found no place that caters to this crowd, small as it may be, and we really need a spot to talk about games that work well, drivers that work well, installation workarounds, new software and hacks. If you guys don't step up to bat, some place else will - eventually. This would be the perfect place though. - later, biosylum
  2. Jokester

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    nah no nead for 3d glasses its just a gimick.. :D
  3. biosylum

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    useless post above

    And see, it would be a great place for posts like the last one. At least he might have gotten his fix for the day, and wouldn't post in the other categories. We can keep the foolish trolls in with us, and hopefully out of everyone's hair. What a wholely useless post! Glad I wasted some of his life away - even if it was just a few seconds!! - biosylum
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    erm, i think he was being scarcastic, ie joking, if not... ...then ROT IN HELL Jokester.. hehe haha ahem j/k

  5. biosylum

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    forum for 3D glasses

    found one at - I guess I'll take my business there
  6. Glidefan

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    what do you need about them? any way, there are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to few users that have a pair. (That is no reasson of course for them to bash, :angry: )

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