New Datapath VisionSC-DP2 capture card not detected as 2nd monitor??

Discussion in 'Videocards - NVIDIA GeForce' started by De-M-oN, Jun 4, 2017.

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    Hi. Saying I'm frustrated is a understatement :(

    I bought the Datapath VisionSC-DP2 Capture Card. I had the Vision DVI-DL before. The DVI card worked fine. But now with the new card:
    Whatever I do I just get detected my monitor at nvidia control panel. I dont get the 2nd output :-( (both - monitor and capture card - are connected via Displayport.

    With my previous card - the DVI-DL - it worked absolutely fine. But this card I'm so lost here. Nvidia detects only my monitor. I tested both inputs of the capture card, Displayport 2 and 3 of my graphics card, I tried a different displayport cable, but whatever I do - the capture card refuses to show up in nvidia control panel. Just my monitor is there :-(
    With this problem I obviously cant clone the signal to the 2nd Output and so the capture card gets no signal obviously..
    I could imagine that a DVI connection would work again, but DVI would kill the purpose of the card with its much lower datarate.

    I hope someone can help :/

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