New DAC ESS9018 XMOS does everything

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    Very cool for a desk setup and the sound treatment looks solid. Nice monitors and stands, also great Headphone amp and DAC's that I think I see. I've got a pair of Audio Technica ath-ad700x headphones :) What model are yours? I also have a very high end DENON pair of headphones AH-D600's, they are stellar phones ;)

    I'm moving into a new apartment with very thick concrete walls, very good for acoustics or not do you think?

    I hear ya with the girlfriend, my ex was pretty pissed off with all my audio gear, in fact it was her or the gear lol nah just joking hahaha ;)

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    She is my ex now too hahaa. Not because of the gear haha. She was cool. That was my corner. Could do wity it whatever i wanted.

    The headphones are Mad Dogs Pro and Audio Technica Ath-M50X. And I revuild a pair pf Beyerdynamics DT770 with custom 3d printed driver frames wirh Tesla 50mm drivers. They spund very good. Im still tweaking them a bit with the dampening.

    The setup i have is just very solid for the space. Not much to wish for. The laptop is a MSI GS60 6QE with skylake and Geforce GTX970M which means a portable game station. I take it to my office accompanied with the M50X and my Shure SE846 replicas. (Ch8jese buuld but very good) The MSI has a ES9018K2M DAC which is really good but it was missing power so i just put a FIIO A1 portable chip amp behind it which drives my IEMs ans M50X perfectly. The ES9018K2M is a very nice DAC chip and well paired with my headphones. For work everything i need.

    At home i have the hewvier to drive stuff with a customeized Lehmann with high end components. Drives everythinf chrystal clear includong my 600 ohm beyers. The dac is the one I showed above. Build it up from a bare pcb too.

    The results aee all great. Since im in china the parts were very cheap. Only the mad dogs i paid to much inport cost for. The speakers were only €300 which os cheaper than the Audioengine A5s which i conpared them with in the shop i bought them.. and they vlew the audioengines away by a great margin. You sometikes gotta love china. They are heavy build good internals nice ribbon tweeter.

    I have not much to.qish for in tuis room.right now. I was thinkin about a sub but bonestly.. the speakers go very low and deep and there is.plenty of hass.. maybe if i mobe to a bigger apartment

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