New, but basically identifcal SLi configuration is not being detected by rivatuner

Discussion in 'Rivatuner Statistics Server (RTSS) Forum' started by dannyland, Feb 25, 2011.

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    Quad SLi 295 GTX
    My Asus P6T mobo has 3 16x pci-e slots and i have 2 295 GTX's. one was always reaching its max temps 10 C sooner than the other so I bought a longer SLI bridge and moved one of them down to the 3rd slot to give it better air flow and ambient temps. However, rivatuner does't detect the other 3 GPUs. I see "Unattached Device" on GPU 1,2,3 while 0 is detected from the drop down menu. I checked the nvidia control panel but all 4 GPU's are running and detected. I reinstalled the drivers with a clean install and reinstalled rivatuner but its still not working. I'm assuming this is registry related for some reason, even though I haven't touched it. Anybody know whats going on here?

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