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New budget gaming Laptop - Lenovo Y520 or Y720 - The Right choice?

Discussion in 'Laptops & Notebooks' started by Greenfeuer, Jan 18, 2018.

  1. Greenfeuer

    Greenfeuer New Member

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    980 ti Strix - Soon
    Howdy folks!

    I am about to buy myself a budget gaming Laptop, I will also be using it for studying. My budget sits around 1200 euro or such. - Preferably not much higher than this!

    I found these two on sale: Lenovo Y520 and Lenovo Y720

    The price for the Y520 is 1208 euro (8999kr) that is of course with 25% DK tax.

    The Lenovo Y720 is 1342 euro, also for Danish taxes.

    So far I am betting my coins on the Y520 since the other one may break my budget just slightly more plus it only comes with 8GB ram and lesser processor, however a better graphics card.

    After talking with a former owner of a Y520 I heard he was very dissatisfied with it. Something about him being unable to reinstall windows on it, on a new hard disk and the right side of where the UBS ports are dying on him.

    Along with stories of screen and GPU's dying outright within in a short time of usage. - He said the problems with Y720 was about the same.

    However! I would like to hear people's own experience and it could be he was simply insanely unlucky or the company who sold them was to rough about them. But again, I have read tons of reviews and heard stories

    about it being a wonderful laptop, however, the story was very vivid so I would like to hear peoples experience on both of the Laptops [​IMG]

    Here are the links! - I will happily translate if something is not understandable [​IMG]



    Other alternatives I am open for, however, I would prefer it stay on the path of discussing the two laptops mentioned above since I have used tons of time "sorting" through all of the different types of laptops in this price range.

    HOWEVER! If there is a laptop you simply must recommend, do it! [​IMG]
  2. allesclar

    allesclar Ancient Guru

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    GeForce GTX 1070
    Sorry but budget and gaming is one of the biggest oxymoron's in the business.
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  3. CalculuS

    CalculuS Ancient Guru

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    GTX 960M
    Flashy image warning.

  4. f14dude

    f14dude Member Guru

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    MSI 1070 SC 8GB
    Not sure if you're still needing a new laptop.

    I think I would go for the Y720 if it were me. I take the 1060 card over the 1050 any day of the week and remember, you can't upgrade the video card so it is best to spend a little more for the upgraded graphic card. You should be able to run all of the games in 1080p just fine with the setup.

    There is an Acer from Amazon which is 849 Euro ($1049 US) before your taxes and it should be cheaper than then Lenovo. Not sure if you can order it though... my cousin got one and he used it as a desktop replacement for an old i7 2600k. He was able to run high on everything.


    I currently has an old Acer i7 4720HQ with Geforce 960M and I can't run Final Fantasy XV with it so I'm waiting a bit for something newer than a i7 7700HQ before putting my current laptop in the market and get a new one. Otherwise I just stick with gaming on my desktop.


  5. blurp33

    blurp33 Member Guru

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    GTX 1080 Ti on H2O
    I own the Y720. One heavy performing beast. Love it. Run most games maxed on FHD. The combo 7700HQ + 1060 should last a few years. Caveats : it's heavy, display is on the dim side, fan never stop even when computer is on low usage (bummer)

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