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    Oh c'mon don't go there. You've been alluding to that all that time. In your very first reply, "all of you who bought D3, Skyrim", etc. None of us 'saw this', "this" being the main subject which is the downfall of BioWare. You claim that everyone who bought those games and then some should have 'seen it coming' because in YOUR view those games are "shitty". The problem is not only that you are impossing your opinion on others about those games being shittty, but those games are NOT responsible for ANYTHING that happened to BioWare themselves. Just How. Many. Times. Will. You. Have. To. Be. Reminded about this?!

    And saying that somehow there's a "trend" since the past 10 years about games being 'shitty' is a complete fallacy. For the simple reason that "shitty" games are being produced EVERY YEAR since as far as I can remember. You really think that by some weird out-of-the-blue magical happening games suddenly started to get worst JUST about 10 years ago, why? What is it exactly that happened in 2010 that I am not aware of? ONE bad game came out and it pushed the whole industry down a crap slide without an end for eternity or something? But then prior to that the video gaming industry experienced zero problems and every single games ever released were good?! Have you ever heard of E.T. on the Atari 2600? Have you ever heard about the 1983 video gaming crash in North America?! How about freakin' Super Mario Bros. 2 not following in to the "footsteps of the original" and it not being worthy of being called a Mario game? Let me guess, you were not old enough at the time to even remember this. Ever played Earthworm Jim 3D? Superman 64? Shadow Man on the PS1? Have you possibly been living on the Moon when Duke Nukem Forever was the laughing stock of every gamer?

    Bad, or "shitty", or rushed-out, buggy, cheaply-produced video games have existed FOREVER. That's not to mention that good video games development studios have been closing, going bankrupt, getting bought, merged and slapped on their face across all gaming generations. Don't remember Hudson Soft? Westwood Studios? Acclaim Entertainment? Accolade? Bullfrog Studios? Ensemble? Irrational Games? There's stories of departures and 'going down the drain' over time all over the place. Believe me (if you don't remember, which is most likely the case) there were TONS of bad games on every single gaming platforms ever created. Yes, even that one platform you grew up with and 'love' so much. There is NO 'sudden pike' that came out of nowhere and remained stable for shitty games for exactly a period of 10 years. Where the HELL do you take that number from?! Did you play all video games released in the past 10 years on all known platforms to find out? You're a human like everyone here with no more than 24 hours a day, there's no way you played more video games than the average Joe and there's absolutely no way to counter the argument that you're plain and simple exaggerating everything. But somehow in your mind that's where it all began, apparently a 'trend', from 10 years ago; one that is still supposedly going on to this day without a stop to it. Did you think that latest Battlefront 2 screwed up the whole industry when it was freshly released and panicked like all the 300% of the Internet's worth of doomsday fans? Guess what, we have games like God of War 2018 coming out nonetheless, talk about a contrast. Guess why? Because just like "shitty" games, good games are also being made every single year. And don't you FREAKIN' dare saying something like God of War 2018 is a "shitty" game because I won't bother continuing this little debate just to feed the troll that you'd then become if you ever do that. Don't you dare. Don't even go there.

    This whole horseballs argument about the past 10 or 15 or 20 years or whatever number you (or anyone else) want to come up with being "worse" is nothing less than an impression coming from faulty memories about the 'past' of video gaming where in our memories our brain tries to paint everything perfectly. It's funny what the brain can do with time and nostalgia. Take some time for yourself to actually look into this properly. Do research to find out that controversies, bad business practices, and shitty / rushed-out games have been going on for probably longer than your actual age. Did you know that Nintendo, yes, that one company that brought millions of gamers fantastic childhood memories actually tried to stop their video games from being rented in the U.S. by a Congressional act unless they could profit off of them back in 1989? No, you probably didn't know about that one either. I am simply tired of hearing that apparently the past of video gaming up to some arbitrarily-chosen time frame were amazing, and then suddenly a meteor fell on us all at the exact same date and everything got worst from that point. It is simply FALSE and a complete overblown argument at this point.

    Now enough, seriously. I'm done with this.
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    No, this is from your head. I have never said that. I have mentioned many games and companies simply to point out that it is not just Bioware that went wrong. Which is obvious, but apparently you have a problem to contemplate this.
    Btw, i play games since the beginning, before PC era. And sure, bad games have always been produced, but newer like today from these big companies that are stronger than ever, and they have technology better than ever. But today everything is simplified, stupid, crap, and buggy.
    Why don't you demand from these companies to have standards like CDPR for example! Or even close. And they are way bigger then CDPR, older, have much more money, etc.
    Btw, i talk about games and companies that i care about, or i did cared in the past. I don't give a f*ck about stupid Nintendo. I like more serious/quasi-realistic games.
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    Absolutely 100000000% correct.

    Ever wondered why you hear news headlines of "Huge mega corporation today announced it is going to sack 5,000 people because the profits of $900 quadrillion were 0.000001% less than expected...." ?


    If a company is on the stock exchange somewhere - that is the death-knell of anything other than profit and market value.

    I would never ever ever put my company on the stock exchange...I would rather have my balls extracted via my throat.

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