New AMD 16 Core Ryzen Whitehaven Engineering Samples Surface

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, May 12, 2017.

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    Ryzen CPUs perform quite badly in games in comparison to their Intel counterparts. ARSTehcnica's review of Ryzen R5 CPUs demonstrates a clear issue with Ryzen CPUs in gaming. What's interesting though is that the charts include results for the 7700K and R5 1500X both at 3.5GHz. In general tests the 3.5GHz 1500X is roughly as fast as the 7700K at 3.5GHz, beating it in a some tests. In games on the other hand the 3.5GHz 1500X does very poorly compared to the 3.5GHz 7700K. Here's the link:

    So what's the cause of this? Well... I've done some research and I think I've found the root cause of this issue. It's the huge CCX-to-CCX latency in all current Ryzen CPUs. Modern game processes spawn several simultaneous generally-interdependent threads that share data and migrate across CPU cores all the time. Having massive delays when one thread is crossing to the next CCX or trying to access data that resides in the shared cache of other other CCX is extremely inefficient in this type of workloads.
    Here's another video that highlights the issue with cross-CCX latency and it's relation to CPU draw call performance.
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    You write nothing that hasn't been said already ever since the first Ryzen reviews appeared. Other than that, you make it sound like i7-7700K is the only CPU in existence that can run games well and every other CPU is doing bad in games. That's a funny thing to say. If something falls behind that single CPU model (like they all do, both Intel and AMD), it doesn't mean it automatically runs games badly.

    Just like Ryzens beating the i7-7700K in compute work doesn't mean the 7700K would be worthless in those. It's just somewhat slower but gets the work done.
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    Thanks for coming into these forums with your first post showing you don't know what you're talking about. Great first post.
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    No! Life is binary and I know everything! Intel bad! AMD good! Intel good! AMD bad!

    (effin trolls).

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    I've been lurking on Guru3D for many years. I just had to login to respond to this kinda crap. Seriously, my first post? To this?
    Bazilions of times, where do these people come from with their newly registered account, first post and all the nonsense? ( this is where I missed eclap the most )

    I think it's time I finally move on from my trustworthy Sandy. Even at stock clock, it is still a very good processor.
    But then, I am very seriously thinking of upgrading to Ryzen, specifically a 1700 non-X. Or maybe the 1500? Are there any benches on how both go face to face?

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