Netgear WGR614 V5 vs V7?

Discussion in 'Network questions and troubleshooting' started by Saeid, May 7, 2007.

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    Ok i just ordered the NETGEAR WGR614 V5, and my question is, what are the differences between the different versions? I know that the latest version is upto 7. I have looked online for the differences, but i cannot seem to find them.

    And whether or not the versions can be upgraded through a firmware update?
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    naw, you cant upgrade v5 to v7, they are "different" routers.
    Same basic design, but the v7 uses newer hardware, different components but in the same basic design.

    The wgr614 is a decent router, i use one myself. But the range isnt that great.
    Try to see if you can find a router that maybe has a detachable antenna if you want to use a higher DB antenna.
    The one on the 614, isnt detachable, but you can always open it and replacement with an adapter.

    Or at least a netgear rangemax router.

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