need TV tuner (extern card) for Aspire 4810TG

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    XFX-HD 4870 X2 2GB DDR5
    Got a new lap top (out of desperation, since my 2 years old ZEPTO 6224W just burned out like that...! in a Tuesday night.)
    Now with Acer (never had one before) Aspire 4810TG (dedicated graph 512mb - what it is not a good deal's about 1.9 kilos heavy with battery of 8 hours in it) comparing with Alienware 'mouthwatering ones' that have a brutal weight of 3 kilos and more...

    Well comes with Win 7 Home Premium 64 bits...not much difference to Ultimate I got here in a desktop so far...

    So I:)m taking my time and patience to make the most of it now...can't see any tv movies etc.. since the lap top does not have a TV tuner card in it.
    Now, what do you sugested me to do about it?
    Sweden does have a trick, we do pay for TV license. So if I wanted to see TV movies in my pc I ought to buy a TV tuner card outside Sweden. Also has to be compatible with the lap top no need to say again:nerd:

    Thanks in advance!

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