Need help with tweak for Gf2 64mb MX400

Discussion in 'nVHardPage' started by leniows, Mar 15, 2003.

  1. leniows

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    Hi there... im quite new here and i need help with my
    GeForce 2 64mb MX400

    This is my pc config:
    (i thing this is what you have to know to help me)
    - P3-850
    - 128ram dim pc133
    - Mobo Asus cuv4x-e, w/ 4x AGP

    I have the newest drivers (43.30) downloaded here, and the newest drivers for all my pc.
    ( sound card, MOBO [VIAHyperion4in1v4.46.exe], etc ).

    I have downloaded all services pack and updates, i mean ALL, for my Windows XP Pro Corporate.

    So, all my pc is up to date. Now my question...
    - I need to know what TWEAK i should use with my GF2. Riva Tuner or NvHardPage. But i want that onde that really works!

    Ive installed many tweaks here, by myself. Sometimes no changes and sometimes bugs. I never installed Rive Tuner or NvHardPage. So i want help with these ones.

    So, if you know something about that, please help me with the right choice. And if it´s possible, send me the best setings.

    Thanks for any help.
  2. Matuus

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    RivaTuner is best tweaker .... thats right. BUT, nVHardPage maybe help you too. If you are beginner and you are lost in all settings, try use nVHardPage Performance wizard. Its easy and in some case help you very good.

    Iam not sure, but 43.30 drivers are bad ... I have some problems with this drivers.
  3. leniows

    leniows Guest

    ive installed 40.72.
    and installed riva tuner.
    but i dont know if i should do any OVERCLOCK. i dont know anything about that.. so ive just changed basics settings.. but i dont change any overclock settings
    should i do it?
  4. cooptroop4

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