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Discussion in 'ATI Tray Tools' started by karai999, Oct 17, 2013.

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    radeon 6950 HD / 2GB
    Ok, so I have installed radeonpro and trying to launch TERA with it, I have configured the launcher tab to point to TERA-launcher.exe and working directory to point to TERA\Client and all of that but I don't think the profile actually loads when I launch the game, OSD display dose not come up , nor dose FPS display, how can I know the the game actually runs with the profile for AA's loaded? also if I click the button to take a screenshot it dose not work.
    I have tried to update dx runtime but it said it did not need updating when I ran it.
    I'm running the game in fullscreen windowed mode.
    I would really appriciate some help in the matter and would be happy to provide more info if needed.
    my card is radeon 6950 HD 2gb and im running windows 7 64 bit
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    You need to select the TERA executable, not the launcher in order to load Radeonpro with it. Once you have selected the TERA executable and selected the settings you need in Radeonpro, make sure you right click the profile and click "apply now".

    You should now be able to launch TERA from the launcher or Radeonpro and have it work.

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