Need Help with my 3070 Gamerock RGB

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    Hello, at first time sorry for my english i am french so i am using Google Trad ^^'

    I allow myself to write to you today because I need help, I have had a 3070 Gamerock LHR for 3 months. At the beginning the GPU leds worked but flashed very quickly (the lower part)
    Here is a video for you to understand :

    following this, I did not take any action because with certain manipulations I could make the rgb become fixed. But since a few weeks, I have no more RGB on my GPU, suddenly.

    Today I decided to clean my pc, I tried to remove the vertical support, check the connections, everything, but nothing... the GPU works perfectly besides the LEDS, but when I turned off my pc, when I click on turn off, the GPU started to shine with all the LEDs working perfectly !
    Here is a photo taken at the frame where the pc was shutting down (attachment)

    I thought it was fixed but when I turned the pc back on, the problem came back, no more leds... but with this little moment when it works I tell myself that there is a problem that I can solve without sending it to the seller, please help :(

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