Need help voltmod northbridge on old AM2+ motherboard

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    I have a ECS 8200, AM2+ board, and it has a problem with northbridge voltages, I can't get the voltage more than 1.80V (measured with DMM) even when set on BIOS to 1.25V (max setting on bios). I tried upgrade the BIOS, etc, nothing worked. It's a bug on the BIOS software itself, the VRM chip is working fine, I tested the K10Stat software while on Windows, I can increase the NB voltages, and CPU voltages without problem, but the problem is, I can't increase Northbridge clocks by software, a least I don't know how, I can only increase it on BIOS, but when I changed it from 1800MHz to something like 2200MHz or more, it gets unstable. Need help to voltmod this VRM, I think that is the only way to this. The chip is a ISL6323.


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