Need help to Decide between 2 monitors

Discussion in 'Computer Monitor Forum' started by Atoz, Feb 12, 2020.

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    Hello everyone
    I am looking for monitor for my PC
    My using is 70% gaming but not competitive gamer I am regular player and I only played on 50-70fps so 60-75hz and 5ms will be good for me
    And I am between 2 options
    1- LG 22 MK430 ( IPS 75hz 5ms)
    - I read many reviews and they liked the quality of the picture and colour accurate and viewing angle but I read several users complain about some issues ( Flickering- green lines -cross lines) and all of the people who faced issues they have after 6-10 month of use so that make me hesitant
    And the option 2 is:
    2-Samsung 24 F350 (PLS 60hz 4ms)
    About the Samsung also many reviews liked the monitor and the quality of the picture and the viewing angle but I don't read many complain about it ,, only some reviews from people mentioned it has more bleeding than IPS panel
    I know they have different size 22vs24
    But the price difference is about $15 for the Samsung (I am from Kuwait middle East) and the store have Promotional offers
    So after discounts
    The LG is about $105
    The Samsung $120
    I don't know which one should I go with ??
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    R9 290 Crossfire
    If your not a spam bot,I would pick the cheaper model as both are on the lower end but perfectly capable of gaming.
    Since there is no LFC Low Framerate Compensation ,I would use a program call CRU Custom Resolution Utility and lower Freesync range as much as you can. cru
    2.hit edit and go to range limits
    3.change v-rate lower by increments of 3-4 mhz from which ever monitor you pick
    4.restart driver with supplied cru restart64
    5.test games for any weirdness,if you have flickering,green lines or anything adjust v-rate higher by 1 mhz until testing is ok.

    22MK430H FreeSync LG Electronics 22.0" IPS 1920x1080 50-75 via DisplayPort 50-75 via HDMI DisplayPort™, HDMI® No LFC No HDR
    S24F350FHW FreeSync Samsung 24.0" IPS 1920x1080 48-72 via DisplayPort 48-72 via HDMI DisplayPort™, HDMI® No LFC No HDR
    [​IMG]cru by gerard fraser, on Flickr
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    Thank so much for your help
    Okay one last thing and it's very important factor

    The eye strain
    Some users of LG said they have eye strain after 1-2 hours of being in front of the monitor
    And beside that I just found cheaper option which only for $85 it's Benq gw2270h 22" FHD ,60hz,5ms, VA panel
    And about reviews and feedback I didn't found many result
    So no real complain about it from reviews that I read

    So I am very confused

    And I don't know if the Benq is also cause eye strain or not

    Benq said on spec (("with Eye-care Technology" TÜV Rheinland CertifiCertification))

    also the LG said



    so I don't know,,, should I go with LG and take the advantage of IPS with refresh rate of 75hz or Go to the Benq with VA and 60hz

    And most important factor for me is" the Eye strain" , which one is have less eye strain

    VA or IPS ?

    need your help and advice please,,,,

    thank you in advance for help

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