Need help modifying IA-64 Nvidia drivers

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    ATI Radeon 7000 AGP
    I recently received an HP zx2000 itanium workstation and am working on tricking it out. One of things I can upgrade is the GPU. Currently, there's an ATI Radeon 7000 32mb installed and I would like to upgrade it. There are a couple "certified" GPUs for the workstation, but based on the drivers (which you can find here) there are a lot more supported cards. All the way up to a Quadro FX 3000.

    I'd really like to get 512mb VRAM in a GPU to fully test out Intel's IA-32-EL and make a compatibility list. However, when I followed the driver modding guide here, I found that the guide doesn't match up with the driver inf itself. Maybe it's due to it being an old driver, but the actual IDs don't seem to line up.

    I'd like to get 6 series and maybe 7 series (if possible) support. Should I be going about modding the driver in a different way? Can you even mod Itanium drivers? This is the tool used to modify an x86 GPU to an Itanium GPU.

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