Need help choosing a sound card for my son gaming rig.

Discussion in 'Soundcards, Speakers HiFI & File formats' started by chispy, Sep 1, 2012.

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    AGREED CREATIVE drivers are bloated and unstable with certain motherboards....

    ASUS HDAV 1.3 DELUXE best thing that ever happened to my rig :banana:
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    I disagree creative drivers are a hit and a miss like deltatux said. As not every one has issues with there drivers. Sure you and him might have issues. But that do not mean I do or any one else does. And yes most people that has issue do post about it on the creative forums but then the same people who do not post about having issues do not post on the creative forums, Or any where else.

    Just like Asus xonar drivers are not perfect for every one, There's no perfect driver. People will either have issues or don't have issues and it all up with their config. Even the same config can have issues with drivers even if some one else with that config doesn't.

    I haven't had any major issues with creative or Asus drivers. But I have had minor issues with both which was fixable.
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