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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by PointBlankLoade, Dec 15, 2002.

  1. Ok this is my first time doing a computer by myself and im having issues...
    First my spec's
    ointBlankLoaded: Soyo Dragon ultra Platimuim edition
    PointBlankLoaded: KT400
    PointBlankLoaded: AMD XP 2400+
    PointBlankLoaded: Volcano 7 heat sink
    PointBlankLoaded: 4 case fans
    PointBlankLoaded: Sound Blaster Audigy MP3+
    PointBlankLoaded: Radeon 9700 pro
    PointBlankLoaded: Western Digital 80gig HD 8mb cache
    PointBlankLoaded: Memorex DVD-rw/CD-RW combo
    My case is Turbogamer with 420ps

    Ok now the problem...
    I load up my PC and there are no fan's turning and the hsf isnt on.. nor the fans in the power supply,
    The second its on the On board LAN ligths up for a second then off
    and I see a LED next to the CMOS that is on...
    Once I turn the powersupply off 5 seconds after that I here a deformed beep.. only once..

    This is my first time and I have no idea what the problem could be.. some one please help me =\
    If you got aim my s/n is PointBlankLoaded rather have real time chat if you can help.. thanks
  2. Ok problem thanks to Guru-3D,
    Thanks guys =D
  3. David Deed

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    Geforce 6600
    how many beeps?
  4. ok the problem re occured... its only 1 beep that I think is jsut the mobo turning off... because the led on the mobo turns off and it beeps..
    Well After I got it working I took off the stock hsf and put on a volcano 7 with the silicon agent... I decided to removed that and put the stock hsf back on and now it wont turn on like originally

    Any ideas?

  5. Y2A

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    BFG Geforce 6800 OC (16, 6 400/850)
    Makes sure that everything is plugged correctly. Refer to your manual about jumpers. Troubleshoot possible problems until it starts to work.

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