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    First off let me apologize if this topic has been discussed before. . .I'm new to this message board.<P>As an avid Tribes player I'm worried that my system won't be able to handle the upcoming release of Tribes 2 shortly.<P>I'm using a voodoo 3 card presently and Tribes looks great using Glide, but T2 runs OpenGL something which I've heard doesn't run very well on a voodoo 3.<P>Everyone is talking about how great the GeForce 2 cards are and how they're great for running OpenGL.<P>I'm hesitant about dropping $250+ for a GeForce card just to run one game. <P>Ultimately my question boils down to is OpenGL the way that games of the future? Do I even bother looking at other cards that run a little bit of everything (like the voodoo 4 & 5 cards). Should I not even worry about it all and just bite the bullet and buy a GeForce 2?<P>I'd appreciate any advice. <IMG SRC=""><P>------------------<BR>Never meddle in the affairs of dragons for you are crunchy and taste good with milk.
  2. Actually there are a lot of opinions about that. Min is very simple, Glide was in the early years very close to OpenGL and in fact fast since it's code is smaller. Disadvantage is that Glide was not an open standard (until recently) thus only supporting 3dfx videocards. OpenGL always has been een open standard and today is very much more supported and can do awesome things with games. OpenGL support for the new voodoo's is getting better but is still not perfect. IF you want power for little money with good OpenGl support I'd suggest you go and pickup a GeForce2 MX for $125
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    Finally! Some decent answers! Yo don't know how many posts I've put into different boards asking the same question. Mostly I've gotten back just lame answers with no reason behind it. Thanks for explaining your reasoning and suggestions! <P>
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    Am I losing a lot of performance by going to the MX card instead of the standard GeForce 2?

  5. In higher resolutions yes <IMG SRC=""> Check out our geForce MX reviews, they'll show you some nice benchmarks to decide on.

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