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Need advice upgrading to 64.

Discussion in 'Consoles & console games' started by Pirates, Aug 8, 2005.

  1. Pirates

    Pirates Member

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    Sapphire R 9600XT
    I have a low budget and i want to upgrade my rig to 64 but on low budget. I have 9600xt and i wont sell this card to get an PCI-E card because im on low budget. That i wont upgrade to nForce 4.
    I have 2 alternatives :

    1. Upgrade to nForce 3 250 GB chipset on cheap motherboard, use Athlon 3000+ socket 754, use one piece of 512MB DDR PC3200 cl2.

    2. Upgrade to nForce 3 Ultra chipset on expensive motherboard, use Athlon 3000+ socket 939, use two piece of 256MB DDR PC3200 cl2 on two chanel.

    The difference on price is high enough and i dont want sell my gfx card because its make price more more expensive. Because that i use AGP 8X motherboard. Help me.

    Are these two alternative have big difference on performance? I see a benchmark at tomshardware and difference on game quite same but on memory benchmark like SiSoft Sandra the difference is big. What does memory bandwith effect on game? Its make loading faster? Or make game runs smoother (like when im playing doom3 and when opening the door or shoot some monster the sound and the image is freezing and my harddrive is working like loading some texture or sound).

    Help me, sorry for my bad english.
  2. S_Kinton

    S_Kinton Ancient Guru

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    512mb 8800GT & 22" Samsung LCD
    2. Upgrade to nForce 3 Ultra chipset on expensive motherboard, use Athlon 3000+ socket 939, use two piece of 256MB DDR PC3200 cl2 on two channel

    This is the best choice by far. The 939 socket cpu will last you alot longer, as it allows you to upgrade your mobo or cpu without changing sockets.

    ideally you need 1gb of memory, but with a budget the 2*256mb in dual channel would be the best option. The higher mem bandwith will make a very small difference with some games and will video encoding. But you would see a massive difference in performance if you ever upgrade to 1gb.

    Make sure you get a venice 3000 cpu, you should be able to clock this to about 2.4 at least, bu you'll need to use a divider coz of the 3200 memory your gonna buy.
  3. eatmyshorts

    eatmyshorts Master Guru

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    Gigabyte ATI Radeon X1950Pro
    If u wanna upgrade your machine to last long u must go to 939, but in that case u also need to buy an nForce4. If u buy a mobo with agp u will not be able to buy new graphic card next year :) Maybe it is best solution for u to u buy an 754 socket for now, wait next year, and then change complete machine :)
  4. G L

    G L Don Juan

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    Leadtek 8800 GTS 640 MB 600/1000
    Uli has a new chipset that has both slots, might be worth waiting a few more weeks for. But no, no big difference between 754 and 939, just the former is much more limited with upgradability...


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