Need a picture assembly line of sorts.

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    My brother sells sports cards on ebay and is looking for a better way to take dozens of pictures in one sitting, all from the same angle/distance. The cards will be turned front to back for a second picture that will, of course, correspond to the front in the listing.
    He'll do 50-100 cards in one sitting and is growing tired of the method he has now, which is a mounted cellphone controlled on the cellphone itself.
    He is taking extreme closeups of any flaws and clarity is a must. His cellphone takes acceptable images, but the process is bad. The iphone isn't tethered to his pc, so even transferring 200 pics is a pain.
    He has tried usb microscopes, but didn't care for any of them for one reason or other. They get pretty pricey once you get out of the gimmick gadget pricerange.

    What he would like to do is:

    Take front and back pics at multiple zoom levels, maintaining extreme clarity
    Keep the price in check as much as possible (somewhere in the 1-150 range, hopefully)

    Control whatever setup he's using with the pc - picture functions from gui or keyboard.

    Do all of this efficiently and fast.

    He (nor I) isn't a pic buff and is starting from scratch more or less.

    Even if there isn't a single answer, any tips from ya'll are appreciated.
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    I myself use a scanner but any graded cards can't be scanned they come out fuzzy and weird. You can do a bunch at a time
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    either get a high res scanner or digital camera with mountable macro-lens, scanner being cheaper and more convenient option

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