Name all the Video cards you ever owned.

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  1. anxious_f0x

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    Nvidia RTX 3090
    Add x2 Nvidia RTX 2080Ti's to that list.
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  2. Cyberdyne

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    2080 Ti FTW3 Ultra
    ATI Radeon 9100 - Very disappointed in performance. My first PC (emachine) only had PCI slots so AGP was not an option. CSS didn't run well, and that's all I cared about. Used with a Pentium 4.

    NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GT - Second PC (emachine again) had an AGP slot, this was the best for the slot at the time, people were moving on to PCI-E. Used with an Athlon XP.

    NVIDIA GeForce 7950 GT - Third PC (which was actually built, and would receive upgrades forever). XFX passively cooled (which still looks awesome to this day, google it). Used with a Pentium D, later a Pentium E2160.

    NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT SLI - Had this for about 2 weeks, returned it because I learned what a CPU bottle neck was the hard way! Used with a Pentium D...

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 Core 216 - Huge upgrade (I went back to the 7950 till this). EVGA. Used with a Core 2 Duo E7200, later a Core i5 750.

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 470 - The reason I refuse to get Gigabyte again, all three fans died in a years time. Strapped a case fan on it and it was used till it died in gf's PC. Used with a Core i5 750.

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 - An excuse to upgrade so gf could have a GPU. EVGA ACX cooling was awesome. Used with a Core i5 750, later a Core i7 4770K.

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 - Big upgrade, got for really cheap during launch year. EVGA ACX cooling still awesome. Used with a Core i7 4770K.

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 - Another big upgrade. Had crappy AERO cooler from MSI, hate it. Regret not getting EVGA ACX, put a water cooler on it, but performance got crap even after replacing the water cooler. No more water for me now! Used with a Core i7 4770K.

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 2070 - Sidegrade, gf gets awesome 'old' 1080, and I get to use a three slot EVGA cooler! Being used with a Core i7 8086K.
  3. BlackZero

    BlackZero Ancient Guru

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    RX Vega
    Cirrus Logic
    Matrox Mystique
    Riva TNT
    Riva TNT 2 Model 64
    Geforce 2 MX 400
    Geforce FX 5700 LE
    Geforce 6800 GT
    Radeon X1950 Pro
    Gefore 8800 GTS 640
    Geforce 8800 GTX SLI
    Geforce GTX 280 SLI
    Geforce GTX 295
    Radeon HD 6950
    Radeon HD 7970
    Radeon R9 290X

    Various others in between and still laying about like an ATI Rage and 7800 GTX.
  4. xrodney

    xrodney Master Guru

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    Gigabyte 3080 Eagle
    S3 Trio 32
    S3 Trio 64V+
    S3 Graphics Savage4
    Voodoo 2
    Voodoo 3 2000

    Rage 128
    Radeon 9700PRO
    Radeon HD 3870
    Radeon HD 3870x2
    Radeon HD 4870
    Radeon HD 5870
    Radeon HD 6970
    HD 7970GHz

    Riva TNT
    GeForce2 mx400
    GeForce3 Ti500
    GeForce4 mx440
    GeForce FX 5600
    GeForce 6600GT
    GeForce 8800GTX
    GeForce 9800
    GeForce gtx980ti
    GeForce gtx1080ti (current GPU)

    Missing some older AMD GPUs but can't really remember.

  5. Hyderz

    Hyderz Member Guru

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    GTX 1070ti
    Riva TNT M64 32mb
    Geforce 4 Mx 420 64mb
    4 Ti 4600 128mb
    7600 GS 256mb
    8800GT 256mb / 8800GTS 320MB
    GTX 560TI
    GTX 980
    GTX 1070 / GTX 1070Ti

    Radeon 9600 Pro 128MB
    HD 5770 512mb
    HD 6850 1GB
    HD 7970 3GB
  6. paulonone

    paulonone Master Guru

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    RTX 3080
    Riva TNT
    GeForce2 mx400
    FX 5600
    FX 5700
    FX 5700 Ultra
    6600 GT
    6800 GT
    7900 GT
    GTX 8800
    GTX 280
    GTX 480
    GTX 570
    GTX 660 TI
    GTX 770
    GTX 970 SLI
    GTX 1080
    GTX 1080 TI

    Only Nvidia! :D
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  7. SerotoNiN

    SerotoNiN Ancient Guru

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    EVGA RTX 2080
    Geforce2 mx400 PCI (discovered emulators for n64) 2000/2001
    ATI 5200 Radeon PCI (discovered UT99) 2001
    finally got an agp system
    Geforce TI4200 (Discovered UT2K3 and Q3) 2002
    Geforce FX 5800 Ultra (oh that fucker was LOUD) 2002/2003
    Geforce FX 5900 Non Ultra (sold the hot loud leaf blower, this purchase was useless and I was in the prime of my pc gaming hype) 2002/2003
    Radeon 9800 Pro (I finally let go of the fanboy nvidia crap and kept with performance, still one of my favorite cards of all-time) 2003
    Geforce 6800 GT (The Half-Life 2, Far Cry, Doom 3 card, aka, the last good PC gaming year of AAA exclusives) 2004
    Radeon X1950xt 2005
    Geforce 8800 GT (low memory, great speed without AA, this was my Crysis card) 2007
    Geforce GTX 260 (really good performance/price) 2008
    Geforce GTX 295 (I had received money and just had to have the best at the time, never had the top card before or after this) 2009
    Geforce 460 SLI (3D Vision and UT3 made me try my first sli system...not counting the two gpu on one card method of previous card) 2010
    Geforce GTX 570 (Serious Sam 3 pushed this card) 2011
    Geforce GTX 760 (started to focus less on PC gaming and made a mid-range purchase for a change) 2012
    Geforce GTX 970 (still very little gaming) 2014?
    Geforce GTX 1080 (Why, hello Destiny 2) 2016
    Geforce 1080ti/Geforce 2080 RTX (Playing more now than previous 4 gens of cards, but not as much as old times. Used to think it was me. But games just suck these days. I can fire up anything pre-2007 and enjoy it immensely.) 2018

    Side Note:
    Xbox One X has really piqued my interest in console exclusivity to save money with little sacrifice to graphical quality. Especially with most PC games being in parity with console minus vsync and resolution options. Having bought this console has really made me think; especially with streaming on it's way into gaming, if the 2080 may be my last gpu. But I say that at the height of every console and never leave. So eh. Lol.
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  8. sajibjoarder

    sajibjoarder Master Guru

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    gtx 1080 FE
    riva tnt2 ultra.
    Gforce 2 ultra

    Geforce ti 4400
    Radeon 9700 pro
    Radeon x800 xt pt
    Radeon x1950xt (agp)

    Geforce 8800gts
    Radeon HD5870

    R9 290x ( crossfire )
    gtx 1080ti now

    looking for ( 2080ti )
  9. Size_Mick

    Size_Mick Master Guru

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    Asus GTX 1070 8GB
    OEM Trident 8900D 512KB ISA
    OEM Trident 9440 1MB PCI
    OEM S3 Virge 3D 2MB PCI
    Matrox Mystique 2MB PCI /Monster 3D 4MB PCI
    Monster 3D II 8MB PCI
    3Dfx Voodoo 3 2000 16MB First AGP card
    Gainward TNT2 M64 wanna say 32MB AGP
    ??? GeForce 2 MX200 64MB AGP
    PNY GeForce 4 MX400 64MB AGP
    PNY GeForce FX5200 128MB AGP
    Gigabyte GeForce 6600GT 256MB First PCI-E card
    EVGA GeForce 8800GTX 512MB PCI-E
    BFG GeForce 9800GTX 512MB PCI-E
    EVGA GeForce GTX460 1GB PCI-E
    EVGA GeForce GTX560 1GB PCI-E
    Asus GeForce GTX1070 8GB PCI-E

    Our family computer started with a CGA card, then later got and EGA card, then finally the VGA card (the aforementioned 8900D which I inherited). Honorable mention goes to the Radeon 8500, the All-in-Wonder X800XT, and the Radeon 5670, all of which I used for less than a month.
  10. XenthorX

    XenthorX Ancient Guru

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    3090 Gaming X Trio
    I seriously can't remember the GPUs i had before 2006 (think i remember having a geforce 2?!) , and i had no PC during 2006-2010. There were some ATI and geforce, that's for sure.

    Since then i had:
    GTX 560
    GTX 570
    GTX 670
    GTX 980-Ti
    GTX 1080
    RTX 2080-Ti

  11. jbscotchman

    jbscotchman Ancient Guru

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    MSI 1660 Ti Ventus
    Yes it is cool to see everyone's history of video cards. Unfortunately sports cards values have gone down the toilet unless you got a rare one from the 20's to 50's. Hell I grew up in a small town but back in the 80's there were two baseball card shops and everybody was collecting while buying Beckett magazines every month to see the prices. Hell I had a Billy Ripken card where his teamates wrote ****face on the bottom of his bat. Back then it was worth hundreds of dollars, now you can get one for less than 10 bucks.
  12. Neo Cyrus

    Neo Cyrus Ancient Guru

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    Asus TUF 3080 OC
    I don't remember... I'd say lol but that's not funny.

    The ones I remember:

    - S3 Savage 2000 - What a pain in the ass this was, lacked hardware T&L if I recall correctly which it was supposed to have, so it never functioned properly.

    - GeForce 4 Ti 4200 - IIRC I went directly from the Savage 200 to this, what an upgrade that was. I loved this card, too bad the stupid MSI variant I had died, and I was sent several lemons including a two dead on arrival. I didn't buy from MSI again until 2018 because of what a horrible experience I had with their RMA department. I might have had to go through 5 cards before I got a working one that didn't die. And of those "5" I could swear MSI sent me the exact same dead one 3 times.

    - GeForce 6 6800 Something Something Crippled Edition - A severely cut down GeForce 6800, but cards back then didn't have their disabled parts laser cut yet, so through software I re-enabled it all. Also modded it to a Quadro for lulz, too bad it turned out the card was actually defective.

    - Radeon All-In-Wonder X800XT - Replacement for the defective GeForce 6800 and probably my least frustrating experience with a video card in my life. ATI's legendary ass drivers didn't bite me that generation, at least not enough to clearly remember. All I remember is smooth frame rates and a good time with this card that had plenty of extras as it was also a TV tuner.

    - GeForce 8800 GT - Not many specific memories about this, but IIRC the generations were moving quickly back then, no ridiculous gaps between generations like now. Also high end cards were a fraction the price they are now.

    - GeForce GTX 280 - Those were the days, IIRC it was $600 in stores for the one I bought, but I got it on a flash sale for $400 or $400-something, and this was the full blown chip, so it'd be 1 step above a Titan. No cut "cores". About 6 months (?) after I bought mine a GTX 285 was released, but that was barely any different, because as I said the 280 was the full chip, it just had a tiny bit higher clocks. It was nice being able to buy a high end card for less than a kidney while it lasted.

    - Radeon HD 6950 unlocked to 6970 - Unlocking was back for a moment, in a market of trash prices it was nice to get decent "high end" performance at only a stupid high price instead of an insane high price. This was my longest lasting video card ever. But it was one of my most troublesome cards ever in terms of drivers, it took 12 full months before wave after wave of stupid bugs was fixed from the time I bought it.

    - GeForce GTX 970 - Nothing but trouble, ran into some 3.5GB bugs (thanks for lying nVidia), I raged, returned it when I saw an uber sale on a Radeon R9 290X, only for that to be defective with no replacement stock (thanks Powercolor), so I ended up returning that and buying another GTX 970. This time a Gigabyte version only to get several lemons, and eventually end up with one with parts cut way below the standard of what was advertised and what was in the review samples. Including trash RAM that clocked 1GHz below review samples. frack Gigabyte. This was one of the most rage inducing experiences with a graphics card I've ever had. And very frustrating because of the fracked market/lack of competition and mining ruining everything, meaning an upgrade wasn't attainable for a sane price.

    - Radeon R9 290X - Read above. Was defective, could come nowhere close to stock clocks no matter what I did, ran at stupid high temps while being as loud as a jet. Returned it promptly. I don't plan on buying from Powercolor again, but I'd trust them over Gigabyte to not swap parts for crappier ones.

    - GTX 1080 Ti - What an upgrade over a GTX 970 this is. I've had a lot of trouble with it, and a lot of things about it like being HARD power limited at all times is frustrating, but it's fantastic being able to get 80+ fps in games at 1440p. Too bad the prices during this era went from insane to beyond insane and most people don't get the luxury of having a 1080 Ti/2080 or better.

    Anyway, I'm sure I missed some, but those are what I remember.
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  13. metagamer

    metagamer Ancient Guru

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    Palit GameRock 2080
    S3 Virge
    S3 Virge + 3Dfx Voodoo
    S3 Virge + 3Dfx Voodoo 2
    Nvidia Riva TNT
    Nvidia GeForce 256
    Nvidia GeForce 2 MX
    Nvidia GeForce FX5200
    Nvidia Geforce 6600GT
    Nvidia Geforce 7800GT
    ATI X1800XT
    ATI X1900 XTX
    Nvidia GeForce 8800GT
    Nvidia GeForce 480
    AMD HD 7950
    AMD HD 7950 CFX
    Nvidia GeForce 970
    Nvidia GeForce 980Ti
    Nvidia GeForce 1080

    Mostly Nvidia, 7 other GPUs. OG Voodoo was the bees knees. Kinda looking to upgrade my 1080 to get some more fps out of my games and hit solid 90fps in VR easier but the 2080Ti is a bit pricey so I'm looking at the 2080 cards.

    I might just sit this round out though seeing as the 1080 is still pretty handy at 1440p.
  14. Neo Cyrus

    Neo Cyrus Ancient Guru

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    Asus TUF 3080 OC
    So long as you're aiming for 60 fps I think you should wait as well. Since Vega 7 roughly matches a 1080 Ti, I'm hopeful Navi 10 will surpass it and be somewhere between 2080 and 2080 Ti.
  15. metagamer

    metagamer Ancient Guru

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    Palit GameRock 2080
    Nah, I get more than 60fps in games I play, but the extra fps wouldn't hurt. In The Division, I'm sitting at 80-110fps for example, but I'd like to have more of course.

    And it would help with VR where 90fps is key. A 2080 would do great for reasonable money. But meh, I'll sleep on it.

  16. Dragondale13

    Dragondale13 Maha Guru

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    GTX 1070 AMP! • H75
    Geforce 3
    Geforce 4 Ti 4200
    Radeon 9600 XT
    Geforce 6600 GT
    Radeon X800 Pro
    Radeon X1300 Pro
    Radeon X1950 Pro
    Geforce 8800 GT
    Geforce GTX 260 - 216 core
    Geforce GTX 670 SLi
    Geforce GTX 1070
  17. Neo Cyrus

    Neo Cyrus Ancient Guru

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    Asus TUF 3080 OC
    Then I'm doing something wrong or games are just not making use of my Ryzen 2700. I honestly don't think any game is making proper use of it. And those games which don't support DX12 are probably the worst offenders.
    Just wanted to say... niceeeeuuuu, I'm glad a regular won it. :D

    If you ever want to shove an AIO on it, I think a 1080 Ti's model would fit, look it up to confirm though.
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  18. artina90

    artina90 Member Guru

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    RTX 2080Ti
    ATI Rage 128
    Radeon X1950 Pro 512 MB
    Radeon HD 5850
    AMD Radeon HD 7950
    Nvidia GeForce GTX 970
    Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080
  19. Size_Mick

    Size_Mick Master Guru

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    Asus GTX 1070 8GB
    Oh man, I almost forgot, for a time I had a Diamond Stealth II S220 PCI 4 MB which used the Rendition Verite 2100 chip, man that was an OK card for its time, pity it didn't sell better. I used it for Quake 2 and the Q3test in a second PC I had for awhile.
  20. UZ7

    UZ7 Ancient Guru

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    GB Vision 3080 10GB
    3dfx Voodoo 2 ->
    Nvidia MX440 ->
    ATI 9800Pro ->
    Nvidia 6800GT ->
    ATI X1900XT ->
    Nvidia 9800GT ->
    ATI 4870 ->
    ATI 5850 ->
    AMD 6970 ->
    AMD 7950 ->
    Nvidia 770 ->
    Nvidia 780 ->
    AMD 290 ->
    Nvidia 970 ->
    Nvidia 970M ->
    Nvidia 1070 ->
    Nvidia 2070
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