My Witcher 3 custom benchmarks (970,7950,570,5850)

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    Hey guys.

    I did a run of my own benchmarks and I am posting them here for anyone that may be interested.

    The benchmark consists of the whole Woodland Beast mission. It starts with a quick real time cutscene, a fight with to ghouls, a ride with Roach, a fight with two alghouls, a fight with five Scoia'tael and a fight with 6 drowners. All in all, around 8mins of gameplay. Same path for all systems and same actions as humanly possible.

    No hairworks on any of the tests hence the preset's (-) deviation in some of them.

    For the Ultra settings I tested my 970 on three processors, 2500k i7-860 and Q9550, as well as the 7950 with the 860. (spicy wallpapers on all video links)

    Witcher 3 1920X1080 Ultra(-) GTX 970 @1.5Ghz CORE i5-2500K @4.8GHz - 68fps

    Witcher 3 1920X1080 Ultra(-) GTX 970 @1.5Ghz CORE i7-860 @4GHz - 62fps

    Witcher 3 1920x1080 Ultra(-) GTX 970 @1.5Ghz Q9550 @4GHz - 61fps

    Witcher 3 1920X1080 Ultra(-) 7950 @1.1Ghz CORE i7-860 @4GHz - 33fps

    For the High Settings, I tested the 7950 and the 570

    Witcher 3 1920X1080 High(-) 7950 @1.1Ghz CORE i7-860 @4GHz - 47fps

    Witcher 3 1920X1080 high(-) GTX 570 @850Mhz Q9550 @4GHz - 31fps

    And for the Medium settings I tested the 570 and 5850

    Witcher 3 1920X1080 medium GTX 570 @850Mhz Q9550 @4GHz - 36fps

    Witcher 3 1920X1080 medium 5850 @950Mhz Q9550 @4GHz - 29fps

    These are with the 1.02 patch. I did rerun with the 1.03 on the 970+2500k and found equal results. The 7950+860 did not seem to produce something considerably better with 1.03 and 15.5 Catalyst, although I did not do a complete benchmark.

    Take care.

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