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My experience with 4-way Sli thus far

Discussion in 'Videocards - NVIDIA GeForce' started by A M D BugBear, Mar 10, 2019.

  1. A M D BugBear

    A M D BugBear Ancient Guru

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    2 1080ti-XOC BIOS
    UPDATE ON 3 Games - (Will be revised later on today - 5/14/19):

    3 games here:

    Ark Survival Evolved
    Kingdom Come Deliverance
    Ashes of Singularity: Escalation(Benchmark)

    All 3 will be revised today, Got do some things right now, So check back later on updates, and yes I messed with All 3, Alot with Ark Evolved.

    Check back later on today, This particular post will be revised, thanks, brb later.
  2. A M D BugBear

    A M D BugBear Ancient Guru

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    2 1080ti-XOC BIOS

    Sorry for the long delay, Had to do some PC maintenance Yesterday.

    Ok, tested 3-way and 4-way Sli with this game.

    I was on this game literally for hours and hours fine tuning this game.

    When it comes to 4-way Sli? Forget about it

    3-way Sli I have gotten it to work here and there but Some graphic problems here and there.

    Game is absolutely stubborn to get 3-way going. I have gotten it to work at one time, but some graphical problems here and there, 4-way = X

    In the end, Would I recommend doing 3-way with this game? You could try and see how it goes for you. otherwise = NO.

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  3. A M D BugBear

    A M D BugBear Ancient Guru

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    2 1080ti-XOC BIOS

    While tuning this game, Got some rather interesting results and while I was tuning this game, Came across some interesting stuff.

    Ok on 4-way Sli Configuration, How does it scale? It does Scale at times Extremely well however when getting near certain npc or even engaging an npc(Cutscenes), It stutters alot, there was a point that when I get near the father of henry, in the beginning of this darn game, the game crashes without warning.

    To prevent the crashing and the stuttering during cut-scenes, you MUST reduce the resolution to like 2560X1600.

    And this is while the settings were ALL on low @ 4k(2400p), Everything set to lowest and it still Stutters when engaging a conversation with npc or whoever.

    Right when you get to the town square, The scaling kinda goes out of whack, but certain instances the scaling is a BEAST...

    Far As SLI DX1X bits is concerned, I made my own for this game.

    Under hack bits, this particular setting MUST be used otherwise scaling is medicore:

    0x00000100 FORCE_REPORT_NO_SLI_SUPPORT_FROM_NVAPI - If applition has buggy its own SLI support we need to do SLI magic in the driver and force app think it's run on single GPU.

    And under SLI Broadcast bits:

    0x00000001 DYNAMIC_BROADCAST_RENDER_TO_TEXTURE - Use broadcast to render interframe depandent content

    This particular Broadcast bits eliminated Tons of flickering issue while under 3 way, but under 4 way, I get massive flashes on screen but don't get the other Graphic anomalies, and yes they are bad.

    Under 3-way and 4-way, Broadcast bits: 0x00000001 MUST be used instead of:

    0x00000080 STATIC_BROADCAST_TO_TEXTURES_WITH_SUBRESOURCES - Force broadcast on resources with subresorces (cubemap/mipmap),

    Which causes tons of flickering and other nonsense issues. Although 0x00000080 provides better scaling by a bit, but to much graphic Anomalies, NOT RECOMMENDED.

    I would Recommend doing this game ONLY in 3-way SLI MODE and not 4-way, 4-way has more graphic problems along the way, I do not recommend under 4-way mode, 3-way Provides Alot better graphic stability control and also While under conversation mode or getting near npc, It does NOT act up in any way shape or form and don't have to reduce resolution.

    I would recommend putting All the in-game settings to Medium, Especially texture otherwise you will have problems, Talking about the gtx 970.

    All though other settings can go to ultra high but I would recommend putting it to medium.

    Another thing, While loading up a saved game, the screen has to be on Borderless mode, or Alt+Del, in order to load the game properly, otherwise the game will crash, not 100% successful rate but help tons.

    Moreover, upon loading up a save file, Notice all 4 gpu scales like less then 80%, to fix this, go under Advanced graphic settings and change the AA to none or to smaaX1, DO NOT put it anything higher, doing so weakens the scaling.

    Even in the town area in the beginning under 3-way mode, there is some scaling problems here and there but it will go away.

    Another thing, while under this particular profile, 3-way mode, outside area seems fine, when your in buildings,huts,etc, it seems very dark. It may or may not change when you load the game.

    There seems to be mirror image like effect while playing, you have to see it to spot it, it can be anything from grass,etc,etc but its so blended out you wont notice it while playing unless you really look and depending where you are in the game.

    Overall, 3-way for long term? Give it a shot, 4-way? Absolutely not

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  4. A M D BugBear

    A M D BugBear Ancient Guru

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    2 1080ti-XOC BIOS

    Right in the beginning of StormBlood and Heavensward benchmark, Scaling is an absolute beast but soon as the scene changes to the next one and to the next one, scaling is drastically reduced.

    So in the end, I do NOT recommend using this under 4-way mode at this time. If anything changes will give heads up, and yes I messed with alot of in-game settings and its a no go.

    At times while 4 way scaling is in use, there is no sound.

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  5. A M D BugBear

    A M D BugBear Ancient Guru

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    2 1080ti-XOC BIOS

    Tried on all 4 configurations, from 1 card to 4-way sli mode.

    Since this uses crytek engine, I know certain settings to use within nvidia inspector, The Sli broadcast and Hackbits is not really needed in this program as it uses 4-way right off the back, which I am very surprised to see.

    There are some bad news in this:

    Bad news is that, from 2-way to 4-way, certain parts of this benchmark, the scaling weakens to like 1 gpu performance, but for the most part, it scales rather well.

    I tried 1 gpu to see the reaction in the same scene to see if the gpu acts up, the usage is bit reduced but no where as bad as multi-gpu configuration.

    Next I also tried reducing the resolution to 1600p, then to 1200p, still same thing.

    I also tried to configure the .ini to see if it will change anything, nope.

    I don't know which setting is causing the drag problem since there is no in-benchmark settings to change, only AA.

    I tried AA mode: Off, SMAA then to 4xmsaa, all = Samething.

    I also tried upping the voltage slider within msi afterburner to see any changes, NOPE.

    So I kept it to 4xMsaa since it made no difference in the major stuttering part.

    Anyways here are the Results from 1 gpu to 4 gpu.

    Resolution @ 4k(2400p), Fullscreen mode = ON, AA to 4xMSAA.

    Final Scores are as follows:

    1 Gpu = 3555
    2 Gpu = 6955
    3 Gpu = 9729
    4 Gpu = 12000

    All gpu configuration mode, Gpu core set to 1506 mhz, Memory set to 3758(7,516mhz Effective).

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  6. A M D BugBear

    A M D BugBear Ancient Guru

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    2 1080ti-XOC BIOS

    I tried to get this game going under sli mode but still stuck under one gpu.

    I even tried this method:


    This game is LOCKED under 1 gpu mode, if anyone can help me around, many thanks.

    I got the game to boot up, before I could not. Game is working but even under 2 way mode, I can not get it to work, Totally locked under 1 gpu mode.

    Also, When originally trying under BFV profile under nvidia inspector, everytime I loaded up the game then go back to the profile, for some odd reason or reasons the # of gpu's is under one, regardless if I applied it to 2 way or 4 way, it shifts back to one gpu, and fars my testing goes on all of this, this is the ONLY game that does it, why does do this is still unknown, still trying to figure out why.

    I even put the BFV profile within the NVCP, still same thing.

    I will continually be updating this game, trying to get sli to work, Locked.


    Starwars BattleFront 2(2017) does the same Exact thing, Stuck on one gpu.

    I fired back up rise of tomb raider, 4-way works Perfectly over here.

    I'll try to do clean install of nvidia drivers then report back.


    As expected, same results on BFV.
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  7. A M D BugBear

    A M D BugBear Ancient Guru

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    2 1080ti-XOC BIOS

    Wanted to see the temp differences without that 110cfm scythe fan, right side of the gpu's.

    Gpu 1 probably gained like 2c drop in temps.
    Gpu 2 is roughly about 5c differences.
    Gpu 3-4 don't see much of a difference.

    I was testing rise of tomb raider.

    For some reason, I have higher stability usage then the video shown on this thread, gpu 1 through 4 is like constant 99% usage for the most part, sometimes 100%.

    So I have higher temps then the video shown overall.

    But before and after the fan change, gpu 2 made the most difference, 5c drop on full load.

    Both tested under 67c room temp...


    Reposition that 110cfm fan a bit, Rise of tomb raider with basically 99-100% utilization at all times basically, temps are as follows, good 20 min stress test:

    GPU1: 79-80C
    GPU2: 78C
    GPU3: 74-75C
    GPU4: 69C

    Room temp is about 65-67C(AC TURNED ON).

    Remember, this time rise of tomb raider is putting out Alot more stable GPU utilization then the video shown on this thread so rise in temps will be very apparent, Running like basically 99% usage at all times, sometimes @ 100%, so keep this in mind.

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  8. A M D BugBear

    A M D BugBear Ancient Guru

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    2 1080ti-XOC BIOS
    FINAL FANTASY 15 BENCH V 1.2 UPDATE - 5/22/19

    Tested under 1 through 4 gpu sli modes.

    As originally expected, I once tested this thingy with 2 1080ti's, although scaling was defin't there, there is Absolutely massive flickering and tons of other graphic anomalies.

    I would STAY AWAY from using SLI and above with this game or benchmark.

    Got scaling results.

    Set @ 4k(2160p/Custom Settings)

    1 Gpu: 2375
    2 Gpu's: 4053
    3 Gpu's: 5240
    4 Gpu's: 6578

    As you can see, scaling is good @ 2 way, when going higher then 2 way, scaling gets worse.

    Used my own Custom Made Sli DX1x bits and along with a Custom Sli Hack Bits.

    Didn't use any Sli DX1x Broadcast bits.

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  9. A M D BugBear

    A M D BugBear Ancient Guru

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    2 1080ti-XOC BIOS
    A PLAGUE TALE: INNOCENCE(work in progress) - UPDATE (5/24/19)

    Very interesting game we got here.

    Alright, first of all, the scaling is EXCELLENT on this game but I came across some stuff but learned how to address the issue however this game is still work in progress so check back more.

    At first, the bad news is that the kind of annoying flashing and some bouncing of shadows on tress,etc.
    Same kind of manner that I got in hellblade, but learned how to address the issue.

    Then this is where it hit me, I said to myself, lets check out the .ini file of this game and look what I found out, there is some post processing settings.

    I quickly reduce them to 0 and among other things, Vast majority of the graphic anomalies and screen flashing and other shadow problems are virtually gone but the main charc head appears to be in totally different color, solid black.

    Scaling is still Excellent. This is still work in progress so check back later.

    I need to do more tuning in the .ini file.

    Used Custom made Dx11 Bits, along with:

    Dx11 BroadCast bits:

    0x00008000 RESPECT _BROADCAST_ZB_RESOLVE_ON_INACTIVE_GPUS - Do not discard sync on ZB if we try to resolve inactive GPUs in broadcast.

    And Dx11 Sli HackBits:

    0x00010000 (Rugby 18, Need for Speed, Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2, Star Wars: Battlefront (2015).

    Check back later for future results, thanks.


    Ok got some major updates.

    I played around with this game for a bit, everything seems fine except for some shadow problems. Shadows from trees and the trees themselves, I can not get rid of the bouncing effect but majority of the screen flashing, etc is gone. All charc's, npc's looks fine but their eyes are solid black, I think this is because the eye adaptation under post processing is off, I have yet to try it again, I will do so tommorrow and will give heads up then.

    Far as bits are concerned, all three bits:

    Sli Dx11, Sli broadcast and Sli hackbits are all custom made by me, in other words, not in the drop list. Alot of change here.

    I fine tuned both the broadcast and hackbits, got some improvement on the fps dept. And better overall scaling usage across all 4 gpu's

    Far as playing the game itself, I see 0 stuttering, going into buildings, etc, all seems fine. Cutscenes are fine too.

    Again, will give heads up on the eye problem later..

    Far as overall scaling is concerned, I tried one gpu then 4.


    1 gpu: 20-21 fps

    4 gpu's: 75-80 fps.

    This was done in the town, in the beginning of the game, right before you talk to mother.

    All settings are set to ultra, including AA..

    Res set to 4k(2400p).

    Only thing is off is certain post processing effects, other then that, all set to ultra.

    Another amazing thing here to also point out, vram usage is really not that bad here, less then 3gb vram.

    More updates later, thanks.


    Got the eye problem fixed, now its working properly but another down fall, at times during cutscenes, the eye lid can be dis-attached from the eyes when the main charc is moving, doesn't happen all the time, at times it does.

    Played for quite some time, everything is running pretty well over here.

    Other then the annoying bouncing effect on trees, bushes,etc and some reflection flickering, pretty good.

    Basically no stuttering, I see very small of it though.

    Played through the first chapter and some in the second, Scaling Consistency is Excellent.

    So my final conclusion:

    Do I recommend playing it in 4-way mode? Absolutely yes, ONLY if you can get around some of the graphic anomalies, like the bouncing effect on trees,etc. thats the most annoying part but I can get around with it, some can't. But Do I recommend for long play, YES!

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  10. A M D BugBear

    A M D BugBear Ancient Guru

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    2 1080ti-XOC BIOS

    Check back later for results.


    Scaling is real bad, best to stick with 1 card. very very abnormal reaction under 4 way, absolutely slow.

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  11. A M D BugBear

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    2 1080ti-XOC BIOS
    CRYSIS 1 - UPDATE(5/30/19):

    Tried 3 way and 4-way sli scaling for this game.

    I have tried many mods with this game.

    Under 4-way Sli, certain settings in the in-game settings MUST be changed or you will have major stuttering issues and drastic weakened scaling...

    Under 4-way, Shader quality MUST be set to medium, otherwise the scaling goes WAY out of wack, it has much better scaling if you stay still but soon as you start moving, in some instances, the scaling goes way out of wack, very abnormal reaction. Another setting MUST be changed is the post processing setting, high is the most you can set with this game otherwise you will have bouncing/shimmering like effect on rocks,etc. Kinda reminds me of hellblade/A plague tale: Innocence in a way.

    But to cut the very long story short, How well does it scale???

    The 4-way Scaling consistency isn't all that good, even with custom in-game settings.

    Soon as you change the shader quality to medium, everything changes, including the overall scaling, AND ALOT LESS STUTTERING..

    I tried doing AAx2 or x4, the stuttering made it ALOT worse, cause it automatically changes the shader quality to high/very high.

    So next I did is change the AA in-game setting to off, then within nvidia inspector, with my own custom made AA bits(and yes it does work within 4-way, confirm it works), I tried override 4xaa and 4xsgssaa = no go, shader goes back to high, I even tried to change the shader to medium, scaling is weak.

    I also tried keeping the in-game AA to x4 then within nvidia inspector, put enhance the application settings: 4xSGSSAA = NO GO.

    Also I would like to point out something extremely important here, while messing with 4 way, just within like 5 mins or so, and this happened to me twice, the The system automatically shut itself down then rebooted itself.

    I then tried another game under 4 way that works 100%, A plague tale: Innocence, this game brutalizes all 4 gpu's with tremendous load. after 20 mins or so, not one single problem, Also played the other day, Tomb Raider for a long time. wanted to make sure it wasn't the psu.

    ALSO, the only game that I am aware of that hard reset-ed itself is the division, upon trying to load to play the game after you get on the game, the game does a hard reset, whereas crysis 1, system completely shuts off then turns back on.

    I also personally tested this game under 3-way mode, Everything from what I understand works perfectly, scaling is like 75% to almost 100% perfect.

    Not only that, under 3-way mode, I can set virtually all settings to max, except for post processing, must set to high.

    In conclusion, 4-WAY = ABSOLUTELY NOT RECOMMENDED...

    3-WAY = Absolutely YES. No flicker, basically no nothing, everything good for the most part.


    Included Mods full or part used.

    AY-69,Ammo Boxes SXL & Radioactive-Container, Asian AAA Black skin, Asian APC amphibious camo desert skin, Asian APC camo desert skin, Asian Heli grey rusty skin, Asian Smallboat camo snow skin, Asian Truck red used look skin, Bow & Arrow, Bloody Nanosuit, C4 Skin,
    Chicken Textures-No HD Grass (bug with grass), Civilian Car Rat skin, Crysis Expanded TOD Files
    Crysis HD Textures Pack 2016, Crysis_Moac_Custom_Dark, Crysis W.H. FY69, Crysis FGL40
    Crysis FY71 B, Crysis_Gauss_Amphitryon, Crysis Hurricane black custom, Crysis LAW
    Crysis Scar Nano Carbon. Crysis_Shotgun_Amphitryon, Crysis_SMG_Old-Used-Look
    Crysis Socom Black, Crysis TAC gun us desert, Xzero/Condros/CRYZENX Shaders,Custom Terrain POM Textures, GlobalAmbientLighting_pom_Af, Hawker Tattoo, High Resolution Grass, JP_foods_v2
    Laser Pack-RED, LTV red used look skin, Nettle flower, New forest, NK Chinese Camouflage
    Nuke with small pressure wave to kill some things and break some trees,
    Pepper's Full weapon sound pack, Pure Blood, Reli2 Installer, Rygel Textures, Radiator
    Silents Textures, Slicer91's HD Texture Pack, Starwaster Water Shaders, Tire pom
    Ultimate_Assault_Scope, Us soliders, US VTOL seams&bolts skin, Xtreme Particle Chaos...


    I tried disabling the AA within the game itself, and tried to use EDGA AA instead.

    This time, I can set the shader to high, but the scaling is eh, less stuttering.

    But here's where the system shut itself.

    The moment I start shooting in the water, the system shut itself off naturally, this was when doing it very close up.

    This was like only couple mins in the game.

    Some kind very odd adverse reaction from the gpu's while testing under 4 way, I know darn well it ain't my dual psu configuration, cause Already ruled that out, I also have that extra 6 pin connector, bottom right of the mobo, Plugged in for extra power for more then 2 cards, that's always been connected from the get-go.

    My guess is that, some kind of very abnormal, very unstable reaction from the 4 gpu's from that particular incident, then the psu reacted very unstable and gave up.

    Both of my psu is connected to their own respected power surge from two different outlet's.
    I had the AC on one power surge and one psu on the same surge, Wanted to make sure it wasn't the AC cause never had this problem up and until now. So I completely unplugged the AC from the power surge and still completely shuts down then reboots.

    Also remember, all 4 of my gtx 970's are stock bios, I once had very heavinly modified bios on all 4, had to switch back to stock cause of the shut down problems, tomb raider gave up within like 10 mins but this was long time ago, everything is good now.

    If anyone can pin point the exact root of this problem, would be very much appreciated.

    Another thing, even with no mods, 4 way scaling consistency is like eh.

    Lol, like the old saying goes:

    Can it run crysis? Answer to that is no to 4-way sli.


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  12. A M D BugBear

    A M D BugBear Ancient Guru

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    2 1080ti-XOC BIOS
    ACE COMBAT 7 - UPDATE (5/31/19):

    Great Scaling on 4-way however Massive Flickering on 2 way to 4-way sli.

    Since this is an ue4 based game. I tried using the same method for hellblade to elimante the flickering by changing some settings in the .ini and it doesn't work.

    Great scaling but the flickering is totally out of control. Tried Cntrl+Atl+del then back on the game, same method I used for hell blade to get rid of the flicker, doesn't help. Change some sli broadcast bits, no change.

    As it stands:

    2-way sli to 4-way sli = NOT RECOMMENDED...

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    A M D BugBear Ancient Guru

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    2 1080ti-XOC BIOS

    Scaling seems very good but again, totally out of control flickering.

    Even putting all settings to low, even on 2 way, way out of control flickering.

    Even went into the cfg file to change some stuff, no change.

    Very un-optimized game. Even if the texture were set to medium and everything to low, on one gpu only, alot of stuttering but I fixed it by going under the game's actual .exe file and check the setting called:

    Disable full-screen optimizations, helped tons but that's only on medium texture, anything higher is out of control...

    Checked under sli mode, stuttering is still there, even if texture set to medium and everything set to low, even @ 1600p, doesn't matter.

    Disable gpu memory restrictions must be turned off, which infact it was during the time of this testing.

    So in conclusion:

    From 2-way to 4-way = NOT RECOMMENDED..

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  14. A M D BugBear

    A M D BugBear Ancient Guru

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    2 1080ti-XOC BIOS
    CRYSIS 2 + MALDO TEXTURE MOD (work in progress):

    Check back later for future updates, thanks.


    Everything Scales Extremely well, even with 2xmsaa+2xsgssaa override through nvidia inspector, same method I used on my 2 980ti's and 2 1080ti videos.

    No flickering, No stuttering, All smooth as BUTTA!!.

    Just need to fine tune some other stuff to beef up the fps performance a bit and all set, but first initial impression, Very very very impressive results here.

    Just watched my backed up video on this game and the same exact settings on my 2 1080ti's, the one I recorded on, clearly the 2 1080ti is quite a bit faster, but that was prettie darn obvious.

    Stay tuned for more updates, thanks.


    Final update on both dx9 and dx11.

    Mods used:

    MaldoHd V4 mod, Blackfire ulitmate mod + Qmod.

    For dx9, I used Nvidia inspector Forced 2xmsaa + 2xSgssaa, to use this, you must use dx9 api and under maldo's configuration, Under aa, this setting must be used in order for SGSSAA to work properly:


    SGSSAA only works in DX9, I tried doing it under dx11 doesn't work. I even tried to remove the sweetfx folder within maldo, still doesn't work.

    Both DX9 and DX11 Scales Absolutely well, very very minimal stuttering. Everything set to ultra on both Api's.

    I added some stuff within the game own .ini file.

    There is one particular setting that MUST not be used otherwise, Very abnormal flickering like and mirror like effect, NOT RECOMMENDED, this setting is called:


    Make sure not to use this, by default it's not even in there, so doesn't matter, all set.

    I made some changes within the Sli hack and broadcast bits for both dx9 and dx11.

    And yes spent some time on both of thoses on both dx9 and dx11, and yes I gained some fps in the end.

    Whats interesting is that, I went under guru3d AA list and used the crysis 2 sgssaa bits, it works but I used the one that I normally use under dx9-11, and that boosted my fps by several fps.

    Resolution set to 4k(2400p) on both dx9 and dx11.

    DX9 was used along with 2xmsaa + 2xSgssaa and DX11 = everything set to max.

    Everything works Excellent.

    So in the end of the day, can it run crysis 2 and do I recommend it under 4-way Sli???



    And the game Still looks incredible, even by today's standard. despite being an old game, Crysis 2 still a game of its own.

    Two thumbs up. :)

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  15. A M D BugBear

    A M D BugBear Ancient Guru

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    2 1080ti-XOC BIOS

    Stay tuned for more!!

    UPDATE ON DEAD SPACE 1 - (6/3/2019):

    First off, this game MUST be set to 12 core/24 threads, anything more, the game will crash during starup, so people with dual xeons, please be aware of this, thanks.

    Resolution set to 4k(2400p), all maxed out except motion blur and AA(Used custom AA through nvidia inspector).

    Ok first off, just one gtx 970 is more then fast enough to run this game @ 2400p, all maxed out.

    Therefore, I used Nvidia inspector Sparsegrid AA + MSAA for much superior image quality and to stress the 4 gpu's down to its knees.

    I used Custom made SLI AA Bits for this game, along with Custom DX9 Sli bits & Specific Hack Bits, the only thing that I used in the drop list is the Sli DX9 broadcast bits, all others were all custom made by me.

    I also made sure that SGSSAA + MSAA works under 4-way mode and it works perfectly, confirm it works.

    I also tried Hybrid AA like 2x2ss + 2xmsaa + 2xsgssaa, it works but to much graphical problem, not recommended, all though the performance is like 8xmsaa + 8xSgssaa, it provides quite a bit stronger overall image quality but the graphical anomalies, which is why I don't use it, even straight up Supersampling like 2x2/3x3, same kind of anomalies, so therefore not recommended using that as well.

    I used 8xMSAA + 8xSGSSAA through nvidia inspector.

    And yes Even @ 4k(2400p) with the above forced aa setting, Image quality is far from being perfect.

    Scaling wise is a complete Animal. Certain times the scaling is good, certain times the Scaling is a F'in Animal.

    Is there any stuttering? Very very little, like opening up certain doors that loads into a new area, other then that, nope.

    There is Very very little flashing of lights in dark room area where there is minimal lights going off and on.

    Also used Widescreen Fixer program, changing fov, works perfectly.

    Another thing about this program is that there is a downfall here, and the downfall is that when you push the fov bind key, the shadow resolution detail lowers down a bit but I can confirm that the fov fix does work 100%

    Checked back with 1 gpu then to 4, Nothing to worry about.

    Other then that, game works perfectly, Was on the game for good amount to make sure stability is there and it is.

    I been messing with nvidia inspector with this darn game for hrs and hrs fine tuning it.

    Just going into this game with no fine tuning scales rather very well, very surprised.

    End results is an Animal.

    So in the end:



    Dead Space 2 and 3 will be coming later, Going to try another game.
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  16. A M D BugBear

    A M D BugBear Ancient Guru

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    2 1080ti-XOC BIOS

    Stay tuned for more results, check back frequently.

    UPDATE ON (6/5/2019):

    Ok got the results the one everyone has been waiting for.

    First of all, in order the game to scale Extremely well, you have to put the MSAA setting in the game to X4 then within nvidia inspector to: Enhance the application setting and set the SGSSAA to X4.

    I used my usual AA bits and confirm it does work.

    X2msaa and X2sgssaa does work prettie good but the scaling doesn't keep consistent throughout, defin't not during benchmark but @ x4? Yes it does, big time.

    I have used many custom SLI DX1x bits, broadcast bits and specific hack bits.

    No matter what I do, the end results, the fps comes back the same exact performance so I just used the following:

    Far as the AA bits is concerned, I used the infamous: Sonic all star racing bits(which works basically on pretty much any dx9 based game and some dx10/dx11 games):


    DX1x Bits:


    Next, Sli Broadcast bits set to:

    0x00000100 STATIC_BROADCAST _TO_1LINE_32BIT_TEXTURES - Force broadcast on 32 bit textures which has one pixel height but more than 1 pixel width.

    Sli copy engine - 0x00000001 On - Enable the copy engine blitter.

    Sli Specific Hack Bits: 0x00010000 (Rugby 18, Need for Speed, Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2, Star Wars: Battlefront (2015).

    Very very interesting results here.

    Remember this is set to 4k(2400p) with 4xMSAA + 4xSGSSAA on the enhanced version of this game, as well as everything set to maximum except for reflections at certain times of the game, so there will be tremendous hit, so keep this in mind at all time please.

    I played around for quite some time on both 1 gpu and 4-Way Sli, the end result is:

    !!!:)F'in Incredible:)!!!

    There is some areas that reflection has to set to medium and certain areas inside buildings, set to low, otherwise the gpu scaling goes HayWire and completely out of scale.

    What totally amazes me is this:

    I understand that very very few games that I personally tested under 4-way does over perform, let me explain.

    Lets say playing a game and game gives me 15 fps on one card, if I do 4 cards, I get 62-63 range, well in this case, this game at certain times gives me alot more then it should for some odd reason.

    I checked one area of the game on one gpu, I get 8 fps, now under 4-way, game shows low 50's, at one area, one gpu shows 7 fps, and under 4-way I get low 60's, And its not just standing on one area then move then it drops, NO, I can move in that area for a bit and the fps don't dip at all. WTH??? :eek:

    Unless the one gpu mode is getting some kind of adverse reaction but far's I can tell, nope.

    I'll double check again with some change of certain settings but Don't think so.

    I paid attn. to every minute detail under 4-way and there is absolutely no flicker of any kind, All reflections, including windows, water puddles, you name it, all looks perfectly as it was on one gpu mode.

    NO Stuttering of any sort, other then the fact that some instances the reflection settings has to come down a notch and then some but not all the time, but you only do this when the scaling shows drastic changes then you lower your reflection quality and if this happens, you must go back to the main menu and re-load the save game file so the gpu's can refresh its usage otherwise the fps is lowered a bit.

    In conclusion to all of this, do I recommend 4-Way Sli on this game:

    4-WAY Sli = Absolutely & Highly Recommended. Perfect 10/10.

    2 Thumbs up while your hands are in the air!!!

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  17. A M D BugBear

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    2 1080ti-XOC BIOS

    Check frequently for updates, thanks.

    UPDATE - (6/8/19):

    Ok, sorry for the delay, this is still work in progress but here are the results:

    I been tuning this game off and on, I am not constantly on my pc cause of work and such.

    But to cut the all the story short, first of all, 3-way = eh to so-so.

    4-way still needs more tuning. All Bits:

    Sli DX1x, Broadcast and specific hack bits are all custom made by me.

    I am currently tuning the DX1x bits, and yes little by little I am getting more peformance and better scaling, I need more time but I think I can do it.

    both 3-way and 4-way = No flickering, etc.

    Certain Sli bits and hack bits I used can cause the screen to flicker alot but I don't use those bits now.

    As of right now, 3-way is the best overall.

    4-way scaling = No performance gain over 3 way. 4-way performs the same as 3-way.

    So please check back on here later, I think I can make it work in the end just need more time, thanks.

    Check back frequently for more results, I will be updating it, thanks.

    UPDATE ON (6-10-19):

    For DUAL XEONS or people with MORE THEN 12 CORE CPU, this game will NOT LAUNCH, the game will quit, So anything more then 12 core, game will not Launch. Must set 12 or under, thanks.

    Ok sorry for the delay.

    Scaling performance on 4-way is very very hard to obtain, basically my 4-way performance is the same as my 3-way performance.

    All 3 bits:

    Sli DX1x Bits, Sli Broadcast bits, Sli Specific hack bits are all custom made my me.

    3-way scaling performs so-so to good. It scales rather well in close up range like looking at an object or terrain close up, far in the distance, so-so.

    I would only play this game up to 3-way ONLY...

    I have messed around with the bits for a long time, Time to move on to another game.

    So in conclusion:

    3-Way Sli = YES!

    4-Way Sli = Absolutely Not(No Performance gain over 3-way).


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  18. A M D BugBear

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    Stay tuned for results.


    I played around for a bit. I used the same Exact profile as Rise of Tomb raider.

    First of all, in Rise of tomb raider, there is a Sli Broadcast bits called:

    0x00000001 DYNAMIC_BROADCAST_RENDER_TO_TEXTURE - Use broadcast to render interframe depandent content.

    That MUST be changed to:

    0x00000002 DYNAMIC_BROADCAST_TO_TEXTURES_WITH_SUBRESOURCES_ONLY - Allow dynamic broadcast for textures with subresources (cubemap/mipmap) only.

    ALOT better scaling power.

    So far, tuning has been good.

    1 gpu gives me 21 fps, all 4 gpu's gives me about 74-76fps.

    But I also do more tuning within the bits themselves.

    I think I can squeeze a lil more out of it, stay tuned for more updates.

    only problem is within the city in the beginning where there is lots of people, there seem to be scaling issues from 2-way to 4-way, working around it.


    When fine tuning the Broacast bits and DX1x bits, upon loading up the game, within several seconds, the system shut itself down then rebooted itself, similar to that crysis 1 problem.

    So be careful when fine tuning the broadcast bits and the Sli DX1x bits should this case arise, Explains probably why crysis 1 flunked, thanks.

    I have reverted the bits back to where it was before, Not a single problem...

    Still fine tuning the game, check back later, thanks.


    In regards about the system shut down on the tuning of the bits, as I originally thought, It was the drivers that was causing it, not the bits themselves, the drivers are to damn sensitive.

    The driver that was having these Major issues is: Modded Quadro Drivers: 430.86 and NOT Modded Quadro Drivers 416.30.

    So users who are doing major tuning with nvidia inspector, Be strongly advised using the Modded Quadro drivers 430.86.

    Certain bits made the system quit within seconds of tuning, whereas 416.30 = Not a single problem, although I have seen reduced performance and major flickering while tuning but the system does NOT shut itself down..

    Please be very strongly aware of this situation while tuning, This is a Very Serious Issue, thank you very much.

    UPDATE AGAIN ON (6/12/19):

    Ok it did it again(System shut down) on Drivers: Modded Quadro 416.30.

    Seems this game is sensitive to the bits. The drivers did last alot longer then the 430.86, your not kiddin'.

    Again this is just an heads up on what I have found.

    UPDATE - (6/12/19):

    Change some of my bits around, tested the same area where the system went out, doesn't do it this time, played for quite some time, perfectly stable.

    Final Conclusion about the 4-way scaling will be very soon, check back later.

    UPDATE - (6/15/19):

    Look at page 5 for the latest updates, new post will be there shortly, thanks.
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    Just to let people who messes with nvidia inspector and loves to tune alot.

    Copy engine blitter can make HUGE gain in some games, but for the most part, hardly makes difference.

    For Instance in Dead Space 1 @ 4k(2400p) with override 8xSGSSAA + 8XMSAA, I gained one area like 3-4 fps, That is HUGE.

    8XSGSSA + 8XMSAA = Huge Performance Hit + 4k(2400p on top of it = MASSIVE)

    I used in Dead Space 1:

    0x00000010 ENABLE_CE_UPLOADS Enable - Copy Engine Async Uploads

    I tried all others, they have same performance, soon I changed to bits:


    Gained like 3-4 fps, HUGE!!

    So just gaining 1 fps on this is Quite a bit, I gained about 3-4 fps just by changing A copy engine blitter bits.

    So just heads up, this can make some differences, most of the time it does not, but certain games it will, so please be aware while tuning, thanks.
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    You have done an amazing amount of work cataloging and tweaking as you go. This thread is a veritable cornucopia of information. Have you considered posting your findings at 3dCenter as well? A lot of the detail threads in this forum comes from the users of that forum.

    Thank you for your contribution

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