My experience with 4-way Sli thus far

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    Gave a 3 year old drivers: 387.95 drivers a try(Same exact ones that I used to tune the game: ECHO), and far as the overall scaling performance and the overall graphic anomalies, compared to the latest 392.xx branch(Newest) and to these old drivers, both were:

    Exactly the same.

    So for those of you who are running some old branch drivers, seems no worries here, behaves pretty much identical.

    I was hoping with these drivers that I was testing to see If I can better minimize some graphic anomalies while some specific bits/hex were being used, nope, defin't not in my favor that's for sure, major disappointment, worth a try though but end results were the same.

    Not going to give up on this game, keep checking back on the ongoing commitment of this game, thank you.
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    dual 3090 FE SLI
    Where you finally successful at mortal shell?
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    Sorry been away for a bit, haven't been on the game for couple days, I am on it now.

    I am now more focused without using this particular hex within:

    SLI Compatiblity (DX10+DX11) Bits:


    Cause if your using this particular hex within this bits(Shown Above), Scaling is drastically increased but in turn, Uncontrollable certain background textures, flashing and or missing.

    Like I said before, I can manage to stabilize it but the actual foreground(Walking area) appears to be stabilized but the outer stuff such as: Cement walls, doors, steps,etc, all will disappear, and the chances to bring it back up once it disappears is like 0%.

    At first, once you load your saved game, the chances of getting everything stabilized and appear as it should be, is like less then 5% or so, not very good but if you manage to do so, scaling is forced to be reckoned with, but even if you do managed to get it stabilized after loading up your saved game, you will encounter the problem again, and this time the chances of stabilizing everything and make everything appear as it should be is like 0%.

    So now I am very very hard at work, withing using 0x00<<~~ Within Sli Compatibility (DX10+DX11) Bits.

    So as of now, don't use this hex and also, Stick AA to medium or to low.

    It seems scaling is drastically increased if set to lower then high, as before, if set to high, you can see high as 30 fps loss, nope, I have seen high as F'in 40 fps drop within 4-way sli, OMG.

    I am trying to beef up the scaling while AA is under high.

    You see, Mechwarrior V had alot of these problems but far as stabilizing the anomaly when you jump on the game, it is ALOT less more annoying, Mortal Shell is beyond Insanity, It is downright, extremely Crazy.

    So if AA stick to medium, scaling is pretty good, so until I find a workaround, please set AA to medium for the time being, thank you.

    If it wasn't for these annoying issues, the game's final conclusion could have been up LONG time ago.


    Oh, I tried emailing you, a long time ago about those mobo's you have left over, still want to sell them?

    Also, whatever happen to your Titan V's CEO edition??

    Very Off topic, sorry about that, figured I asked.

    Thanks for your reply, Look for future updates soon, thanks.
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    Welcome back to the ongoing commitment to this game.

    I got More great news coming along this time around.

    Alright, as before, I am extremely hard at work to beef up the overall scaling performance without using:

    Under Sli Compatiblity (DX10+DX11) Bits:


    Along with Massive performance hits while AA is set to high, I have a found a way to beef up the overall scaling performance:

    Within your Engine.ini, Under where it says:


    Add the following parameter:


    And yes, I double checked while under 1 gpu to see if there is any difference in fps impact.

    I only tested it in one particular area, about 2 fps loss.

    And checked under 4-way sli mode, calculating the fps loss difference, best to keep it on off.

    As a remainder, this has only been tested in one particular area, I tried area: Fallgrim, basically made no difference.

    I'll be testing it in all areas as I have now access to all areas in the game, so if any more update, this particular post will be revised, thanks.


    As before, I will update/revise this post to make everyone aware of which areas in the game will help overall scaling performance while using r.VolumetricFog=0.

    This section will continually be revised/update, so always check back on this particular post for further updates.

    Current areas, personally tested and confirmed to help beef up overall scaling performance while AA is set to high and along with SLI Compatibility (DX10+DX11) Bits: 0x00<<~ Set to 0.

    Current locations(That has benefit) confirmed while using r.VolumetricFog=0:

    Shrine of Ash: Monument of Ash // Temple Grounds // Sanctum Flame...

    Seat of Infinity: Eternal Narthex

    Crypt of Martyr's: Enshrined Sanctum // Abandoned Chamber // Martyr's Chamber

    Note: Within Martyr's Chamber, While using: r.VolumetricFog=0, I get less fps then using it BUT, I get alot better scaling with it off, the fps impact with it off, is aroud 2-3 fps.

    Current locations(That Gains no benefit or have some loss in performance) Confirmed while using: r.VolumetricFog=0:

    Fallgrim Tower

    Seat of Infinity: Shifting Archives // Dim Gate

    Checking on all locations, check back on this post for more updates, thanks.
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    dual 3090 FE SLI
    "Oh, I tried emailing you, a long time ago about those mobo's you have left over, still want to sell them?

    Also, whatever happen to your Titan V's CEO edition??"


    I have all the motherboards, 4 TitanXP cards in boxes, 4 Titan V cards in boxes, 8 different SLI bridges (boxed) and I still have a 5th Titan V (ceo ed 32GB) in its signed box
    I have over 1.5 TB of spare ddr4 ram and 5 samsung 860 pro (1TB each) and 4 samsung 850 pro (1tb each), 1600w digital power supplies,
    etc etc etc

    My closet is really full of PC gear.

    I'm currently running dual 3090 rtx in SLI / nvlink
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    Off topic again:

    Yes cause, your inbox on this site, for some reason, to full or not accepting anything.

    I then tried to email you about those supermicro x10drg-q motherboards, that you want to part them at a good price like we discussed awhile back ago.

    I emailed you directly, never got a single reply back, can understand you was busy and such but not one reply to my knowledge.

    Also, how much you want to part those Titan V's? Out of curiosity????

    You still got those dual xeons that you were using? What cpu's are you using now?? AMD Epyc Rome's???

    If you could, please send an email to my inbox here on this site, if you could.

    Where these items given to you cause of the job that your doing??? Not really my business but just curious on how you got such very expensive equipment, I know you was using those dual xeons, worth like $ 10,000 msrp each.

    So your not into the 4-way sli anymore eh?

    Curious, how did you even operate the 4-way sli to begin with, with those 4 titan V's???

    Did you use this:

    I know you were testing few games with it.

    I was looking into this, Very very interesting stuff, never did it personally.
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    dual 3090 FE SLI
    I'm not sure what went on with the email. However, nothing has ever been given to me, I bought all that equipment directly, from my wallet. I'd love to have a sugar daddy to give that stuff, but alas its just me.

    I did Titan XP quad sli using inspector. I did titan v 4 way sli using autodiff and inspector. My prior computer, has two Titan Zs in int (each is a dual GPU, the last ever dual GPU cards), my wife's PC is 4 way Titan SLI.

    The 4 titan XPs can go for 500 a piece, the 4 Titan Vs, about 1800 each, the CEO ed about 8000, etc
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    Are you still accepting inbox?? For some reason, I can't even view your profile on here.

    Send me an pm, thanks.

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    Found another helper to help beef up your overall scaling performance, this "Also" pertains to 1 gpu as well, so please bear that in mind, thanks.

    Users with a single Gtx 970, upon loading up your saved game, please switch your shadow resolution to high first, then to medium then to low.

    Only some areas while toggling the shadow quality settings to medium("AFTER" toggling the setting to high "FIRST") will yield better performance then low, so please test accordingly.

    When it comes to 4-way scaling, same method applies here, upon loading up your saved game, please switch it to high first to refresh your scaling, then from there: Medium then to low.

    Only some places if switch to Medium settings will yield better scaling performance, Mainly in the areas that pertains to:

    Shrine of Ash

    The three locations within this zone, will yield better performance if set to medium.

    Other zones such as:

    Crypt of Martyr's & Seat of Infinity.

    Appears, pretty much all locations within these 2 zones will not yield extra performance, some you might discover lower performance, usually off by 1 fps or so, so no worries.

    But yes, when playing on single gpu, always toggle that Shadow quality settings to high first, then go to a lesser value, there is a big difference in performance, no exceptions.

    Speaking about r.Volumetricfog=

    Please scroll up to that post, its been revised quite a bit and pretty much done.

    Always check back on the ongoing commitment for this game.
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    Pretty good news here everyone.

    I have found a way to help stabilize alot of those missing textures along with using:

    Sli Compatibility Bits (DX10+DX11) bits:

    0x00<<~~ Set to letter: A

    There is a specific method for this to work, it does not work all the time, but it does work.

    At first, I was really mainly focusing on the Sli broadcast bits while doing this particular method, then I did another changes within the Sli Broadcast (DX1x) Bits, and seems the results were the same kinda but better overall scaling performance.

    Before I begin, lets go over the current bits and other misc so far(Tested/Guarantee to work with "ONLY" Nvidia GTX 970 Family, they have not been tested with anything else, thanks).

    First, go to your engine.ini, and input the following changes below:



    Under 1 - Compatibility:

    Sli Broadcast (DX1x) Bits: 0x50000C8A

    Sli Compatibility (DX10+DX11) Bits: 0x8A0925F5(Switch: 0x0<<~~ to digit 0 for 2/3 way systems only).

    Sli Copy Engine: 0x00000008 IGNORE_MIN_CE_TRANSFER_SIZE - Ignore d3dreg key MIN_CE_TRANSFER_SIZE and allow all transfer sizes by CE.

    Sli Specific Hacks: 0xB0083560

    For rendering mode:

    2/3 way systems: Switch to autoselect

    For 4 way systems: switch to SFR.

    8 - EXTRA:

    ASYNC10_NVAPI_MODE: 0x00000002 ALLOW_NOBLOCKING_SLISTATE - Allow specific non-blocking optimizations for GetCurrentSliState NVAPI.

    ASYNC10_PRESENT_MODE: 0x89624578 Async - DX10 present will be async call.


    LARGE_VA: 0x00000003 Enable_LargeVA_Quadro_Tesla - Enable large VA on Quadro Tesla GPUs.

    PS_SYNC_SCHEDULER_FLAGS: 0x00002000 DISABLE_SHADER_CREATION - Compile multiple shaders in parallel at creation.

    STAGING_CACHE_SIZE: 0x01000001 Max

    Head over to unknown ID settings and make the following changes below:

    0x00854CAB (26 Profiles): 0x00000028 (Battlefield 4)

    0x008D624E: 0x00000001

    0x00C96F61 (4 Profiles): 0x0000000F (Battlefield 1, Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2, Star Wars: Battlefront (2015), Mirror's Edge: Catalyst).

    0x00DE5C4E (4 Profiles): 0x00000001 (Gears of War Ultimate Edition, Forza Motorsport 6: Apex (Beta), Forza Horizon 3, Gears of War 4).

    0x70092D4A (25 Profiles): 0x0000000D (Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017), Mirror's Edge: Catalyst, Sniper Elite 4 (DX12),etc,etc).

    0x709ADADB (91 Profiles): 0x3F6AF9AE (Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice)

    0X70A4995C (29 Profiles): 0x3DCCCCCD (Gears of War(wargame-g4wlive_DX10.exe), Half-Life 2, Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2,etc,etc,etc.).

    0x70E46F20 (37 Profiles): 0x00000001 (UDK (Unreal Development Kit) based games, AngleLib, engine, heroes, launcher).

    0x70F8E408 (28 Profiles): 0x0000000D (Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017), Mirror's Edge: Catalyst, Sniper Elite 4 (DX12),etc,etc.).

    0x809D5F60 (0x08000001 (Battlefield 1, Sid Meier's Civilization VI, Total War: WARHAMMER, Rise of the Tomb RaideR,etc,etc.).

    Ok, back to stabilizing the flashing texture situation.

    First, upon loading up your saved game, make sure the graphic setting(Shadow) is first set to medium.

    From what I understand, far in the beginning, this testing was done while effects while was on ultra, but can be on low as well, some areas might need to be on ultra for this method to work, I would leave it on ultra.

    So now we have shadows set to medium, effects set to ultra.

    Now, my testing resolution is @ 4k(2400p), so I made sure upon loading up the game, its on that resolution...

    Next, change your shadow setting to Ultra, click on apply, then switch it back to Medium, BUT, don't click on apply just yet, head over to your resolution, drop it down one notch, Click on Z(Apply/Both the Shadow set to medium along with the lesser resolution setting, "MUST" be applied at the same time for this method to work), you may or may not see that the flashing textures is completely neutralized, if its successful, go back to the resolution you was enjoying your game at.

    Then from here, I would toggle your effects setting back to low(For sli stuttering reasons), And shadow(Best to keep at medium), View Distance to medium, Foliage set to low(For scaling performance reasons), Post Processing to ultra and your Anti-aliasing to High.

    If your AA is set to high, you might experience a image imprint left on screen, you can get rid of it by toggling your AA to a lesser value then back to high.

    If that doesn't work, and if your shadows is set to medium, switch your shadows to low along with your AA to medium, click on apply, next, switch your shadows to medium along with your AA to high(Applying at the same time), should be completely neutralized.

    Out of curiosity, I have personally tested on my own time: The % success rate for the missing/flashing textures to be stabilized.

    This was first originally tested while my SLI BroadCast (DX1x) Bits was set to:


    As I was tuning and looking for ways to help stabilize the situation, in the end, either this or:


    Will Work, I would highly use: 0x50000C8A as it provides the best overall scaling performance.

    So again, the % success rate while using: 0x50000A82 in the following tested areas thus far:

    Fallgrim Tower:

    As a remainder: The one in parentheses, first number is the the amount of successful tries, and the other one the amount of tries that was unsuccessful.

    7 out of 21
    chances were successful or (7-14).

    In the Shrine of Ash: Monument of Ash:

    5 out of 20 chances were successful or (5-15).


    EDIT ON 10/22/20:

    Down below, while using: Sli Broadcast (DX1x) Bits: 0x50000C8A, Results as follows:

    Shrine of Ash: Temple Grounds:

    4 out of 20 chances were successful or (4-16).

    Shrine of Ash - Sanctum Flame:

    1 out of 20 chances were successful or (1-19)Currently Investigating this issue as we speak).


    EDIT ON 10/2220:

    In regards about the location: Shrine of Ash - Sanctum Flame, I have found a way to help increase the % success rate. Open up your nvidia inspector program, under Sli Broadcast (DX1x) Bits, make the following changes below:


    Also, I also notice, better overall scaling performance with the ending hex, using the digit 2 as oppose to using letter: A.

    So once again, in the location: Shrine of Ash, Sanctum Flame, results are now as follows:

    5 out of 20 chances were successful or (5-15).

    More on using the same Sli Broadcast (DX1x) Bits:

    Seat of Infinity: Shifting Archives:

    4 out of 20 were successful or (4-16)

    Seat of Infinity: Eternal Nathrex:

    4 out of 20 chances were successful or (4-16)

    Seat of Infinity: Dim Gate:

    7 out of 20 were successful or (7-13)

    Other areas tested:

    Crypt of Martyr's: Enshrined Sanctum:

    3 out of 20 were successful or (3-17).

    Crypt of Martyr's: Martyr's Altar:

    4 out of 20 were successful or (4-16).

    Crypt of Martyr's: Abandoned Chamber:

    6 out of 21 chances were successful or (6-15).

    Far as Anti-Aliasing is concerned, I can confirm that it is 100% working under high, some slight blur trail but not to bad, overall, big difference from medium.

    There is some flashing anomaly near torch lighted areas, looking for ways to get rid of them.

    If anymore on this, this following post will be revised so keep a keen eye out on this post, thank you.

    Overall scaling is very very good in general for those who are curious about the results.

    Total actual in-game tuning time(over 60 hrs/NOT including UE4 engine.ini tuning nor Nvidia inspector bit tuning), so all together, easy well over 70 hrs was invested into this game.

    EDIT: One more thing that I didn't mention eariler:

    In Fallgrim Tower area, in the outside areas, there are water locations throughout this area, there some nearby spots before entering in these areas that out of no where, that flashing/missing textures will come(After you stabilized the situation), I tried my technique, only several times, I was not successful, only the actual playing ground(grass, actual ground layers,etc were visible, more testing needs to be done), so just heads up on it.

    I also tried: In Abandoned cave, walked around for a bit, seems fine(After stabilization is in effect), the water themselves might disappear but that's about it, more testing in this area needs to be conducted.

    Also when click on I(Inventory) then going back to the game, certain things might change in color, mainly the water, certain foliage's in the game(Mushrooms,etc, seems to show more color depth,etc), so just heads up on it.

    EDIT ON 10/23/20:

    I tried, under engine.ini, basically turned off everything known to mankind to see if it will change the % success rate of the flashing/missing textures, in hopes to stabilize it much easier, nope, so you all, don't worry about it, makes no difference.

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    Earlier on, I discussed about a specific parameter within the Engine.ini, called:


    And mentioned that, even under 1 gpu mode, you will experience flashing/missing textures(Pertains to GTX 970, never tried with others so can not confirm.).

    And for those who are very serious tuning this game under sli mode, please read the previous post before continuing with this one.

    After reading that post, I can now confirm that this parameter:


    Along with my flashing/missing texture stabilization technique, it does "NOT" work period, I had my doubts and I was right.

    r.HZBOcclusion was not even listed in the previous post but just wanted to give heads up on it.

    Some games, such as: Mechwarrior V, this parameter is a must due to the game has FPS fluctuations, even while standing your mech idle, this parameter will greatly help this issue, or virtually get rid of it.

    Some games it is required to help boost overall scaling performance, so just be aware of it.

    But for this game, I would highly advise not using it at all.

    So, if you really want to stabilize those missing/flashing textures along with great scaling performance, please do not use the above parameter, thanks.
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    4 GTX 970-Quad Sli

    Something I totally overlooked and caught me off guard, there is a way to control the flashing lights/torch lighted areas of this game.

    After you do my graphic stabilization(Scroll up a couple post), and turns out successful, before doing anything else, you will notice that, at a quick glance, all flashing lights anomalies are now completely neutralized, now before going back to your desired resolution, switch your graphic settings accordingly before toggling your resolution back to where it was before, please apply your graphic quality settings and the resolution, at the same time, no exceptions here, thank you.

    Because if you do not, by switching any of the effects/shadow settings thereafter, will cause the lights to flash back up again like mad crazy, so please, after the flashing missing/texture is under control, right before you go back to your desired resolution, have your graphic quality settings ready then change your resolution and quick apply, works good over hear.

    Please use this Sli Broadcast (DX1x) Bits until further notice:


    Also, you might want to reduce your AA to medium prior to doing this, afterwards, put it back on high, as on high, you will be left with an image blur imprint, thanks.

    EDIT ON 10/23/20:

    Just to let everyone know, soon as you start new game, in the beginning area, this is area is extremely stubborn, far as stabilizing everything.

    Far as 2-way sli mode = Excellent, Water control seems fine, outer background filters appears as it should, I had to use my Bright Memory/Resident Evil 2 remake resume technique, please only use this with 2-way sli mode as 3-way or higher, switching to window's mode = Complete hang or bsod, thanks.

    3-way sli mode = So far, very good, water appears to be bouncing a bit but still very visible, outer background filters appears as it should, when in one spot, then move for a bit then coming back, there seems to be, fps dip, so working on this issue as we speak.

    4-way sli mode = Harder to control, far as graphic anomaly stabilization is concerned, I have managed to get it all stabilized but the outer background filters appears to be in white color, so you will be missing some filters here, sorry, no can do.

    Also, in the beginning area, r.Volumetric=0 "MUST" not be used, otherwise, the whole screen is very bright/white in color, so please use: r.Volumetric=1 instead, thank you.

    Everything is coming along extremely well, This game is tons and tons and tons of work, you all don't realize how much work it takes, incredible stuff to say at least.

    Anymore updates prior to final conclusion, will be on this post, down below, so please keep checking on this particular post.

    EDIT ON 10/23/20:

    Pertains to 4-way sli mode:

    Alright, I have found a work around to keep your scaling up, after you pick up your first weapon in the first area called: Unknown, after you pick up this weapon, whole screen will flash like crazy but insane scaling, from here, try toggling your shadow to ultra, then back to high, finally to medium, always keep it at medium for best scaling performance, medium is the best while high is the main kicker prior to setting to medium.

    After you do that, you might want to look down at the water, you will see your fps will go much higher, then look up on normal view, this will help the overall scaling to be at its best(Learn this technique from game: Echo.

    Also on top of that, some stuff needs to be changed within the Engine.ini file.

    Underneath where it says: [/Script/Engine.RendererSettings],

    Input the extra parameters below:


    All the above added parameters to the Engine.ini file, "ONLY" pertains in the beginning of the game, location: Unknown, all others, disregard of using it.

    Please use: r.HZBOcclusion, "ONLY" in the beginning area called "Unknown", as this setting being turned on while visiting other other areas in the game, it will be much harder to stabilize the flashing/messing textures, so keep this setting to =1, "ONLY" in the beginning of the game(When starting new game).

    To top it all off, those of you who are extremely tuning this game like absolutely no tomorrow, be forewarned that, based on my experience, Even under 1 gpu mode(Gtx 970), you "MUST" toggle your shadows to high at first, then to a lesser value(Preferably Medium), otherwise, you will not get the real fps you should be getting.

    For example, If I start new game, it says 18 fps, If I toggle my shadow to high first then toggle it back to where I had it, now its 27-28 fps, absolute staggering difference, so everyone, please take a note of this, I can not stress this enough, extremely important.

    EDIT on 10/24/20:

    Seems like the 1 GPU, fps problem seems its coming from r.HZBOcclusion, so in the future, when using 1 gpu mode, please disregard using this please, thank you.

    EDIT ON 10/24/20:

    About water control in the beginning area called: Unknown, it seems that from closer observation, 3-way sli spanks both 2-way and 4-way, 4-way seems to have better control then 2-way in general, it may or may not disappear, I had at one point, under 4-way sli mode, water seems fine, the water tracks left behind when you walk, leaves an embedded trail, rather interesting to see.

    And another thing, that nice, gloomy look, in the background during in the beginning area: Unknown, it seems 3-way sli in general handled the best, looks very nice, nice and gloomy, just the way I like it, love the atmosphere in this area, phew lordy.

    EDIT ON 10/24/20:

    For those who are very deadly curious about my testing results, I will provide only 1 particular area, at a glance, Static/No Movement/Idle in the beginning location called: Unknown.

    I'll go over everything in the final conclusion of the game on which settings I was using and such.

    But Resolution was set @ 4k(2400p), and Resolution scale @ 130%

    Here it is you all, if your very curious, well, here it is, this is just at a glance:

    1 GPU: 26 FPS /// MS: 34.6-40.1

    2 GPU's: 50-51 FPS // MS: 10.1-30.5

    3 GPU's: 73-74 FPS // MS: 10.3-20+

    & The one that everyone is curious in, 4-way:


    4 GPU's: 95-96 /// MS: 7.9 13.5

    And yes, I retained full textures in the game in general when set to low, but there is a bypass kinda trick:

    Under Engine.ini, I also used this method in Mechwarrior V:

    Undeneath: [/Script/Engine.RendererSettings]:

    Input the following parameter:


    So if you use the above parameter, even if set your textures to low, you will still see your background and your charc at full resolution, some stuff will be missing like extra rocks, debris,etc, but the actual texture resolution in general = Unchanged.

    Certain areas, such as Abandoned Cave, on low, textures will be very low res, even on high, so for this reason, Textures MUST be set to ultra in this area.

    Yes, even when using: r.DetailMode=1, Setting textures to low then to ultra, there will be fps impact obviously, but some areas I can set to low and still retain full resolution textures, there absolutely no difference between low and ultra, again, only stuff like rocks, extra tidbits in the background, other then that, nope, but you "MUST" use r.DetailMode=1 for it to work, only some areas work, some needs texture set to ultra. Bad thing about setting textures to ultra, there is frame pacing so be careful.

    But when you load your saved game, your charc and background might be in low res, to ignite the change, please switch your shadow resolution to high(If on sli systems, please use my graphic stabilization technique prior of doing this, thanks), everything should change then(Texture resolution speaking), then switch it back to Medium.

    Further more, in the beginning area called: Unknown, please also toggle your effect settings to medium for best overall scaling.

    EDIT ON 10/26/20:

    While more testing was conducted in 3-way sli mode within Fallgrim tower area, within the outside area, certain spots I mentioned before that you will starting to see flashing/missing textures taking place, very interestingly enough, within 3-way sli, when you hit some of these spots in the beginning, it won't act up, but when you venture further out then come back to these specific spots, it will then act up, some spots act the same as 2-way and 4-way.

    EDIT ON 10/26/20:

    This particular Edit section will cover on which areas are done during my final conclusion, to keep people heads up on where things are at.

    Current stats:

    Location: Unknown, Only Static/No movement performance was recorded, as during movement, under 2-way sli, water appears and disappears, thus in the end, fps keeps bouncing up and down a bit and not going to give accurate results, so going to pass on this section.

    Location: Temple of Ash: Only game play testing was done from 2-way and 4-way sli, I will do performance readings soon. During testing in this particular area/zone, After my graphic stabilization is in place, everything seems to be working perfectly, there might be some texture flashing popup, some stuff out of no where but only in certain spots, not a problem, another one I found, when using the ballistazooka, upon firing, the ground texture could end up disappearing, I tried to stabilize it, it does work, but at times it will not work, but thats ok, it only pertains to that specific spot so I wouldn't worry about it.

    Be sure to check on this specific Edit spot for more up to date status before final conclusion, thanks.

    I am also in the process of improving MS(Frametime).

    EDIT ON 10/27/20:

    Found how to lessen the MS(Frametime) spikes: Screen Space Reflections.

    Go into your Engine.ini file, and underneath where it says:

    [/Script/Engine.RendererSettings], And the following parameter below:


    Also, in regards about texture quality, although, I can still retain, pretty much, full background texture resolution while under Low Settings(While using the r.DetailMode=1 Parameter), closer inspection, while viewing your charc close up, it seems the textures detail is cut some what, but it will change within few seconds back to full texture resolution, but soon as you play the game normally, and do this again(Repeat).

    Also about 1% and .1% Lows, when turning your camera in some areas, it drastically goes down, even if my cranked my resolution all the way down and all of my settings, it does not matter, I am trying to find last work around on this issue(Despite decent MS(Frametime)).

    If Textures are set to either medium or to high, it will hitch like mad crazy while moving your camera around, On high, seems pretty good, every now and then it will do a crazy hitch, but no where near as bad as medium or high settings. I might just keep it on low while doing my final conclusion testing, thanks for reading.

    EDIT ON 10/30/20:

    This section will cover which stuff has been done thus far(Before final conclusion) to this game. Including Static(Non-movement) & Movement pattern testing.

    Areas that are now complete:


    Unknown(Beginning of the game)

    Fallgrim Tower(Inside building)

    Fallgrim(Forest Area)

    Both Fallgrim area testing, within 4-way, my min doesn't seem up to par that well but max is pretty decent, something in this particular area needs more checking/investigating, I am basically all done tuning, way to exhausted with this game, I am all done on the tuning part(For now), all my attn is getting final conclusion done, I'll work on the others on another time, Completely exhausted with this game.

    If any more, I will revise this particular edit section, thanks.

    Going to be sometime before final conclusion will be up, sometimes not on pc, need to take breaks every now and then. Sometimes I am up with this game for a long time per day, so need to take some break in-between.


    EDIT ON 10/30/20:

    I have found a way to get rid of the AA shaking anomaly when set to high or above but mainly only recommend on 2-way sli only as you will lose performance compared to what I normally use, this AA effect is the same exact as running on 3-way.

    Under Sli Broadcast (DX1x) Bits:

    0x00000<<~~ Set to digit 3 instead of letter C.

    You will experience AA image blur while moving your camera, kinda like being on LSD, kinda not to bad but ALOT better then that shaky AA anomaly.


    I'll go over everything everyone needs to know about this game in the final conclusion.

    Total, Actual in-game playing time: 96 Hours("ALL" nothing but tuning/stability checks, performance checks, never even played the game really, once again, "ALL" 110% dedicated/committed to tuning and nothing else, and that's not even including UE4 engine.ini tuning nor nvidia inspector bit tuning). Easily way over 100+ hrs.

    Thanks for reading.
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2020 at 11:32 PM
  13. A M D BugBear

    A M D BugBear Ancient Guru

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    4 GTX 970-Quad Sli

    Here it is everyone, prelude to the final conclusion of this game.

    I will be doing alot of finalize testing, stability checks and taking tons of performance notes, so be sure not to miss this one out.

    Going to be bit so hang in there.

    But in the meantime while things are steaming hot, here is one of the earlier announcement videos:

    Title Screen ost(Executioner) from - Atrium Carceri:

    Full coverage from 1 gpu performance to 4-Way Sli

    Stay tuned to this World Exclusive, 4-Way Sli: Mortal Shell, as nothing in the World can prepare you for whats coming.


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