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Discussion in 'Videocards - AMD Radeon' started by capt. Nukie, Apr 24, 2003.

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    Hmm i am thinking of returning 9100 and pay more to get RD9500 pro.
    i was gonna stay with 9100 because of tight budget i was trying to manage.

    Here is the thing though...
    I am disappointed at the image quality.
    and my mobo support only 4x

    Is it worth my money to use 9500 pro(8X) if i can't upgrade my mobo? (cuz once i spend all my money on the card i won't be upgrading mobo for along time.)

    I also use AMD 1800+ with 512 DDR..
    so my system ain't that great..
    i just think buying RD9500 would be waste because 1st, my system will not be able to back it up to the extend i want.. and 2nd, it would be overspending..

    some also recommanded me to get GF4 Ti..

    Should i keep 9100? or should i buy GF4 ti / 9500 pro?

    any advices?
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    The ATI 9500 Pro is the better product. The card runs excellent in 4X AGP and will do very well on your system according to your specs. You still have a nice PC for gaming.

    You will be happy with the image quality and performance of the 9500 Pro. Make sure the card is compatible with your motherboard. I think you'll be fine. You will definetely see a increase with the 9500 Pro over the 9100. Only you know what your budget will allow.

    Hope this helps.
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    Realistically there is almost no difference between 4x/8x as far as performance is concerned because the bandwith 8x requires is non-existant by the computer. So don't worry about 8x AGP, at the moment it's a marketing gimic.

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