My dell 1907fp DVI connector dont show up?

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    Evga 8800gts 512
    Ok , the problem just happened today for no reason ... I have 2 display hook to my PC
    1 -HDTV samsung with VGA connector
    2- dell 19"FP with DVI connector

    I 've already done everything , reinstall video card driver/monitor driver but My Dell still show standby mode

    The problem is , It still fine when running at : dos screen (windows booting screen ) , in windows safemode , or uninstalled my video card driver (Nvidia 8800gts 512) and even hook up my dell with VGA connector . Its all fine , just can't use DVI connector .

    When I checked in Nvidia control panel :

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Wtf ? That place support to show DVI -PC display not VGA - PC. , somehow it set output to dell display as analog.I dont think its hardware problem because my Dell monitor still works in one way or another , so I assume Its because the driver but I already clean sweep ,fresh install and still ..
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