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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by mattmantis, Jan 25, 2001.

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    ok i got a mobo (kt7 none raid)<BR>and a case ,im getting mem this week<BR>would it be worth the extra £30-£40<BR>for cas2 mem,? or would i gain 2-5 fps<BR>?as money is a little short 4 me atm<BR>and i dont want to have to upgrade again any time soon,<BR>also i have a geforce gts2 ,
  2. The gain is very low right now. However, in the future you might want to get a higher FSB CPU. <P>Faster memory is then needed <IMG SRC="">
  3. mattmantis

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    ok,<BR>ill get normal 133(cas3) ram for now<BR>256meg(cas3)=£75ish,<BR>128meg(cas2)=£80ish<BR>

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