my 3d mark score (suggestions)

Discussion in 'Videocards - NVIDIA GeForce' started by mikeva901, Mar 25, 2008.

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    AMD 7970 1125/1575
    Hi there haven't been on 3d guru forums for awhile (got addicted to WoW :puke2:)

    today i decided to run a 3dmark 06 benchmark on my PC i got a score of 10480 was just wondering if this score was good for my system and if not how can i improve it? specs are to the <<

    heres the 3d mark link as well;jsessionid=1B7DD7BBF7746CEFD49E022FF5C64AAA

    thanks for reading and your time :rock:

    EDIT: I'm using Vista x64 and sp1 installed :biggun:
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    INNO3D 8800GT OC
    I have an inno3d 8800GT and scored 11,900. I checked around and it seemed about right for my system.
    I am using 169.21's if i remember rightly.
    Your card is technically a little slower than mine (please correct me if i'm wrong!) so reckon it's about right, maybe i'm getting more points because of my quad core too but doubt that would make a significant impact.

    I'd imagine with your score you would still get very respectable frame rates in all of todays games except crysis. You will get 60fps in all the unreal engine powered games easily at 1920x1080 maxed out (no AA), the same with bioshock, call of duty etc etc so i wouldn't worry!
    Hope that helps!
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    Inno3d 980
    It sounds about right to me also.
    Click on compare system and view others with your approx system (not very accurate as it doesn't specify SLI'd systems, there will be higher scores than yours most likely)

    The main problem with 3Dmark is that it's very dependent on cpu and not so much gpu.

    Stock intel c2d e6600 @ 2.4ghz i scored 10798
    O/c cpu to 3ghz and o/c'd GPU i scored 13374

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