Music CDs are making video and mouse stutter

Discussion in 'Soundcards, Speakers HiFI & File formats' started by Scoob, Oct 18, 2001.

  1. Scoob

    Scoob Guest

    Don't know if this is the right forum for this problem. <br>
    It seems to happen only when I play a music CD and then fire up a game. When I do, the graphics go into jerkovision along with the mouse pointer. I have never had this problem before, anyone got a fix for it? I am prepared to bin the Live card if necessary.<br>
    System is <br>
    800 Athlon o/c to 900<br>
    KT7 RAID<br>
    384 mb Ram<br>
    SB live value with latest drivers<br>
    Asus V2800 GF3 with latest 21.xx drivers<br>
    Win 98 SE<br>
    DirectX 8<br>
    BCD 48x CD Rom
  2. Ice Cold

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    Abit GeForce 3
    i think your system lacks stability under load ...
  3. WeaZel

    WeaZel Guest

    stability shmaybility.<br>
    You may think that your PC kiscks serious ass i bet it does. But multitasking with system intensive apps escpecially under WIN98 and with only 384mb RAM. <br>
    Your cd-rom might have a high cpu utiliazation same with your soundcard.<br>
    Do you play the game with the sound on while listening to a cd in the cd-rom?<br>
    Does copying the songs to your harddrive and playing them from there help?
  4. Scoob

    Scoob Guest

    Well, I don't think its the fastest machine on the planet but I would have expected it could manage to run Asherons Call and play a music CD at the same time. Yes, I play the game with the sound on, and I have run the game with a music CD playing before now with no problems at all, but since I reinstalled the OS a week ago I have this problem.<br>

  5. WeaZel

    WeaZel Guest

    What via 4 in 1 (if any) do you use hopefully not 4.33 or 4.34 those are made for winXP.
  6. Scoob

    Scoob Guest

    Pretty sure its Via drivers 4.29, im not at my PC now, I am at work. I will check later, the problem isnt the end of the world, it just struck me as unusual.
  7. boggen

    boggen Guest

    most common problems i saw when i did techsupport for a few years.<br>
    1. IRQ confilict<br>
    2. uncheck or check dma for the cdrom in device manager<br>
    3. auto insert notification for a program or / also in device manger for the cdrom itself ((disable able them)<br>
    4. goto safe mode and make sure there is no dublicates of soundcard, cdrom, video card, etc... in your device manager.<br>
    5. i can't remeber if the board has via chipset on it or not. but if it does download the 4.xx all in one drivers from <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank></A> then reinstall your sound and video card drivers. <br>
    6. buring softare for a cdr or ripping software pending on the software may require updated aspi layer drivers <br>
    i know there are a few more but its a bit to long ago for me to remember right off the other common tricks of the trade to resolve the issues your stating.<br>
    p.s. i just saw the overclick to 900 and i'am guessing you were having problems before you formated. try setting the cpu back down to normal for install then reinstall the OS then overclock once you got your programs loaded back onto your pc. <br>
  8. =MANTIS=

    =MANTIS= Guest

    Yeah, wouldn't checking the DMA for the CD ROM help?
  9. Scoob

    Scoob Guest

    Thanks for the advice guys, I will look at DMA settings, Auto Insert etc and also check in safe mode for duplicated devices. I didn't realise that overclocking the CPU and installing the OS would cause problems, its been ultra stable at 900. I think reinstalling the OS is gonna be a last resort to be honest, but I am always tinkering with things so once more probably won't kill me.
  10. LoyC

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    Yup, i agree reinstalling your OS is the ultimate resort... but hey, maybe you left out a few important drivers:<br>
    DirectX 8.0a, Via 4in1 3.33 & above... how about your SB Live drivers? Being the latest (3511? better), they could create more problems for you.<br>
    It could also be a good time to start tweakin your system. Check out<br> <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank></A> - I find it a good read & it's quite useful <IMG SRC="smileys/wink.gif">

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