MSI GTX 670 dual monitor DVI and VGA

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    MSI GTX 670
    I recently got a new PC with a MSI GTX 670, I am having an trouble working out setting up dual monitor between my main monitor an Asus monitor with a DVI connection and my digital art tablet from yiynova that is VGA. On my last pc I used a VGA to DVI adapter to add the tablet on. However this video card uses a DVI-D connector as the second dvi and the adapter needs a DVI-I. So I am trying to figure out a way to connect the tablet another way and still have my main monitor as the primary. I can connect them both in reverse but then my tablet would always be the primary until windows is booted and I would rather not have that. This card has HDMI and a display port as well. I believe there other adapters to change VGA over to either, anyone want to offer me my what my best option would be.
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    Display port to VGA sounds to be the easiest solution.

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