MSI gaming X 2070 super scores lower than others

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    MSI Gaming X 2070s
    I just got this new card a 3 days ago and I've been doing some benchmark tests. My gpu scores are noticeably lower than Youtubers/people online.

    Time Spy: 10,071 gpu score

    The benchmark charts in the review of this card is showing gpu shoot-out Time Spy at 10,393. Seems like a big difference looking at all the cards in between my score and this score. Another site showed this card at 10,190.

    Firestrike: 24,649 graphics score

    3dmark graphics score looking at, I assume, a base model 2070 super shows 25,651. When you go to compare and search for 2070 super.

    Just wondering if I should be concerned. Did I get a dud or what? I'm using an old 4770k and 16gb of ram, but I didn't think that would affect the graphics scores that I'm referring to. My resident evil 6 benchmarks are only around 18,000. I assume my cpu was holding back that score. My friend is getting 25k with his 2070 super and ryzen 2700x.
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    It'll be the CPU / ram holding it back a tiny bit, not enough to worry.

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