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    Not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but it's the best place I could find for now.
    Ok to start off, I realize that I probably have settings wrong on Afterburner to cause this to happened so bare with me lol.
    Some how in my in game recordings you can hear me loud and clear through my headphone set, but can hardly hear the game itself or other members on teamspeak. You can hear them, but barely. What I am asking is, is there a way I can edit the sound, by adjusting the game or what ever sound I choose after its already recorded, with maybe a easy to use third party program to fix this. I have some great recordings and want to fix the sound in them somehow, so I can get started rendering movies..
    I have just started playing with this in game recording, so it is a new experience for me. So far, the only tools that I'm using is MSI Afterburner and Windows movie maker, which I am open for options on other programs besides Windows. I do also have GeForce Experience Shadow play too, but never used it yet..
    If anybody can shoot me some info on my issue and any other tips you could share, I would really appreciate it!!
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    Maybe THIS can help.

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